Gego K12 - School Management System

Advanced School Management Software with Parent Mobile App, and Teacher Mobile App

GegoK12 is a modern best-in-class School Management Software, crafted with Cloud Technology to effectively manage all School Operations and effortlessly communicate with Parents and Students through Mobile App.

GegoK12 is an advanced School Management Software designed for Indian Schools. The software includes a web based control panel for school administrative people. Teachers has web control panel and Mobile App. Students can access through Student Web Portal. Parents are connected through Parent Mobile App.

A Complete School ERP Solution

A school is full of data. From student records to exam marks, any school manage tons of data. Unfortunately the data are not connected well to give the real insights. With GegoK12, we focus to give real value to data and secure way to store, retrive and manage data.
School Calendar Management System

Leave Management & Payroll system for Schools

School Calendar Management System

School Alumini Management System

A robust platform for School Management and School Communication Management

Searchable Student Records

Search or Browse the students by Class, by Name, or by Locality.

Export / Import Student Data

Simply Import or Export Student Data to CSV format.

Teacher / Staff Records

Organize the Teacher and Staff Records as an easily searchable database.

Activity Logs

All app-related activities and data updates are logged.

Classroom Management

Student Data organized by Classes for effective record keeping and day-to-day management.

Homework / Assignment

In a simple click give homework to students and update it to Parent & Student Apps.

Timetable Management

Publish the timetable for the Class Room for easy access to parents & students.

Exam Scheduler

Schedule Exams ( Term Exam or Class exam) per class or all classes and update it on Calendar.

Integrated Calendar

All events (including exams) are auto-created in Calender for effective presentation and reminder settings.

Notice Board

Admin can publish notice boards, with publishing & expiry dates, for Teachers Group, Classes, or Full School.

Mark Entry

Teachers simply import the Marks through excel sheets. Marks auto-published and auto-graded.

Grading System

The system supports Scholastic and non-scholastic grading systems. Custom grading systems also can be added.

Report Cards

With a simple click publish Standard Report Cards as Printer Friendly PDF and auto-publish to Apps.

Disciplinary Records

Record the incident and actions taken towards the Disciplinary of a particular student.

Academic Year

All academic data are grouped under Academic Year for effective data management and record-keeping.


The promotion module lets you populate the academic & student data for the upcoming academic year.
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