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School Library Management System

QR code-assisted tracking helps in the location of inventory without wasting time. Minimize the mishappenings and improve productivity.

Upgrade Your Library using School Library Management Software

A school with a well-stocked library is the key resource for learning. Irrespective of the size of the institution, a library has to be set. The library contains a different catalog of books. Such as fiction, nonfiction, novels, reference books for every subject, literary books. Additionally, journals, periodicals, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia etc., Library helps the students to develop their reading skills and it also widens understanding capabilities. Students gain good exposure to books to optimize knowledge and reasoning skills. The librarian spends most of the time in the library segregating books. Still, we find it difficult to locate the books when needed. At times the librarian will not be aware of the book journey and fails to update the library registers. The librarian maintains different registers to check the journey of the books. The various registers maintained are

Daily issue register

Accession register

Book purchase register

Binding register etc

Periodical record register

Visitors register

Newspaper record register

Periodical issue register

Stock verification register

Fine register

Hence maintaining all the above-mentioned registers by a librarian is a tiresome job. Thus the technology has bestowed all the educational institutions with the school library management system. This integrated software GegoK12 is a school management software. It organizes, digitizes and manages the library more efficiently. They simplify the tasks of administrators by providing automation. The robust platform allows to issue books and track the status of the items.

Key Features of School Library Management System

library book code

Track the history of a book using bar code integration

All barcodes on every library material like books usually have a barcode attached to this. The integration of bar code in the library management system making the tracking of books easier and simpler. This helps the librarian to locate a single book, previously used by, fine generated etc

Generate fines using school library management system

The bar code generates the complete book history within few clicks. The library management system increases the productivity of the librarian. The librarian can utilize his/her time and energy with the readers to increase the scope of learning.

library management
library features

Increase the library usage with User-friendly features

Our School library management system is highly customizable, scalable, multilingual, and mobile-friendly . The implementation of this software in different schools across multiple locations reaps advantages. It also improves the learning skills of students. And moreover, it enables teachers to easily access information on multiple devices from anywhere, anytime.

Manage catalog of books

It has become mandatory to use a library management system. It is the powerful digital manifestation of a functioning library. This simple tool the school management software is highly beneficial. The school library management system organizes the entire library with the modern approach. Right from issuing or checking out books to keeping a catalog of all books the library contains.

library book details
library activity

Minimize paper pen work using school library management system

This is the greatest advantage of library management software. No hassles of maintaining physical records. The librarian has to record the time-to-time information in the software. Thus this raw information gets processed as serve as a record for the librarian.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How do you manage a school library?

Managing a school library is a pivotal task. It needs an efficient librarian with an ample amount of experience in the effective handling of the requirements of the Library.

2. Which software is used in the school library?

The Library Management Software is used in the Library. GegoK12 is a School Management Software which adds up Library Management system as the value addition for school to ease out the library operations.

3. What is the best Library Management System?

GegoK12 is the most trusted Library Management System incorporated by renowned schools for the smooth functioning of the Library. 

4. How do you maintain a good library?

A good library can be maintained with an efficient Library Management System.

5. What is the purpose of a Library Management System?

Library Management Systems is a software which helps the librarian to build in the database for recording information like registering new books, Information about the borrowed book, book issuance details etc Thus it reduces the manual workload of the Librarian and saves their precious time.

6. What is the Importance of a Library Management System?
  • Easy and simple ways of managing the library with the automated system.
  • Worry-free secured data
  • Built-in database of the complete information about the well-stocked library
  • Needless to have extra personal to manage the library
7. What is the need of using the Library Management System?
  • Minimizes manual work
  • Improves the Librarian’s efficiency
  • It is neither system dependant nor individual dependent
  • 24/7 availability
8. Who can use the library management system?

Any school or institution with a well-stocked library can use Library Management System. This software eases out the librarian’s monotonous work.

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