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School Notice Board Management

The Admin can publish notice boards, with publish & expire dates, for Teachers Group, Classes or Full School.

The best tool to communicate digitally using School Notice Board Management

In the present data immersed world, there is a tremendous scope of technology advancements. That the schools can utilize for bridging the gap between the stakeholders of the school. One such paperless tool to communicate any information is the digital notice board using school management software. GegoK12’s enhancing feature is school notice board management. It is a tool to communicate effectively at any time. This Software greatly helps everyone to stay active with the school updates and happenings. Being in the present scenario the physical presence of the school is getting lapsed. And the parent misses out on many events in school and feels a huge communication gap. Thus the school management software is the prominent way to keep everyone connected with the school. Built with a simple interface and ease of use at its core. The Digi notice boards are useful for

Academic achievements

School presentations

Exam schedules

Assignment submission date

Class timetable section-wise

Classroom activities

Upcoming events and in house events

Holiday notices

Academic results

Important notices

Birthday wishes

Celebration pictures

Fee collection date

Transportation details

Key Features of School Notice Board Management

Displays student ‘s creativity as a source of inspiration

The easiest and simple way to display students’ creativity is the notice board. The students feel extremely honored to see the displayed work for witnessing. This will act as a motivation for peers to display their talents and potential. Once the admin updates the notice board every stakeholder of the school can view it. This pushes the student to the next level to focus on high targets. it can either be startling for a few or it can make additional inspiration realizing that their work will get seen by their friends!

message details

Platform to communicate important circulars and notices

A prominent tool for communication to create positivity. The school management software’s highlighting feature is bridging the communication gaps. This makes the parents build their bonding strong with the school by leaving no gaps. GegoK12 displays various important pieces of information. Such as school reopening and closing day, holiday list, Exam date, Time table, etc. The school management software GegoK12 keeps the parents up to date with the circulars.

An advertisement on school events and occasions

A Digi notice board is an extraordinary method to elevate significant school occasions to guests and students nearby. Such as including exceptional congregations, graduations, grant services, parent-instructor evenings, exhibitions. A notice board can be effectively used to provide highlights such as any sports competition, trip, tours, vacations, camp, health camps, etc. The parent gets to see all the information in the mobile app.

Notice board serves as a learning tool

Additionally, notice boards are extremely useful for teachers. It is a learning tool for students. The teachers can add animated videos, Value education videos etc for the students to develop their social and moral skills. Not only that teachers can also add up links or videos related to the topics for better conceptual understanding

Immediate delivery of messages

With the help of GegoK12 admin can publish notice boards, with publish & expiration dates, for Teachers Group, Classes, or Full School. You can enter details of Type Class, Title, Description, Publish Date, Expire Date, Attachment. The school notice board management system allows administration, staff, and teachers for posting important notices to institute notice board instantly. The information is easily seen by students, parents, etc immediately. Administrators can automatically set to activate/deactivate a given notice.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is a School Notice Board?

School Notice Board is a board where the school publishes all the important information for everyone to see and get aware of what’s happening in the school.

2. What is School Notice Board Management?

Publishing the important dates of the school digitally in the Parent Apps. Teacher App. Admin web portal etc for everyone to see.

3. What are the uses of the School Notice Board?

Notice board highlights the schools’ importance. It displays various information like students creativity, school notifications, Exam dates etc

4. Why Notice Board Management is required?

Notice boards are the biggest source of inspiration. Updating the physical notice board is difficult at all times. No one takes the initiative to update consistently. Thus the empty boards are displayed for everyone to see. This spoils the school’s reputation and leaves a mark behind. But With GegoK12 Modules the school will enhance its standards. The GegoK12 School Management Software adds up Notice Board Management Module to keep the stakeholders aware of all the important events in school and never an event gets unnoticed.

5. Who can update the notice board?

The concerned school authorities who have access to the Admin portal can keep the notice board active and live with the event history.

6. How long will the notices be in the Notice Board?

It is the decision of the school Management or School Principal. Till the other event gets published the old one can exist on the notice board.

7. Give some examples of notices which can be published in the School Notice Board Management
  1. Students creativity
  2. Students Achievements
  3. Annual concerts
  4. Sports day
  5. Exam dates
  6. Timetable
  7. Fee notifications
  8. Canteen Menu etc

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