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School Grade Management Software

The best all-in-one School Grade Management Software to automate your schools’ grading process. Develop a rise in the learning curve by filling the learning gaps.

School Grade Management Software

Manage Grading system in a Hassle free way using School Grade management Software

Today’s world is very competitive and accuracy is the key to solve all the marks grading  problems. When grades are wrongly calculated, it is a very grievous mistake on the part of the school. Thus, having the perfect Grade Management Software gives an overview of every student’s performance. It is the right reflection of the work done by the student  in the  school. The school grade management tool has built-in support which ensures the complete process of grade generation. Using the automated feature within a few clicks of the mouse to get the results. This saves time for teachers and administrators to generate grades for students. Additionally, this feature will be greatly useful to parents. Thus they check their ward’s performance online once the marks get updated.  GegoK12 is a School Management Software to promote a effective school Grade Management System. It is specifically built to provide automated and precise results in the examinations. 

The Benefits of GegoK12

Generate automated report cards using the Grade Management Software

Creating a report card manually will result in some kind of manual error. By using an automated Grade Management System,  creating and managing student information becomes easy. The school administration can vouch for a safe and error-free grading system that is precise every time. The automated grade system also converts the marks into grades and sends the report directly to the student and parent to have a check on the academic status.

Eliminate Errors using the Grade Management Software

Today the grades remain the primary focus of education on a student and school. Hence the grade sheet is a tool to communicate to the Parents accurately about the students performance. Without any hassle, the student’s academic evaluation and the progress get communicated to parents. Without a proper grading system, students will lag behind and thus the learning curve declines.

Evaluate students performance using the Grade Management System

The grading system identifies the weakness and strengths of the students. It gives a detailed view of where the child is lacking in academics and needs for improvement. Hence, managing the School Grade System is an important factor in the development of Education.

24/7 availability

Accurate calculations were done with manual produces. Not all times the  human brain is not designed to be perfect throughout the calculation and hence, using the right School Grade Management Software is vital. This helps the students know where they rank and to improve themselves. . It serves as a prototype for admissions for the upcoming year. For the parents, the grades are the reference that helps them access their ward’s performance academically.

Go Paperless with Grade Management System

Saving natural resources and making work simpler is the motto of GegoK12. This software eliminates the printing costs of the report cards. Thus, this user-friendly methodology generates paperless report cards for every examination. Once the teacher enters the marks the grade management will auto-generate the grades and pushes the report card to the parents in no time.

Grade Management Software saves money and time

Managing time is the biggest task for the teachers and administrators. GegoK12 is a helpful tool for teachers to manage their time by not wasting much on calculations of marks and grades. After recording the marks for the respective subjects grades will be auto-generated and auto saved in the report cards.


Promote students easily with the Grade Management Software

Using this module the admin can promote or de-promote any student based on their grades. With GegoK12, it is easy to separate the students based on their marks. The list of failures could be categorized easily. This module also sends a message to the parents regarding their ward’s promotion news.

The Grade Management Software is Customizable

With GegoK12, it is easy to customize the grading system irrespective of the size of the school. Based on the school’s affiliation and syllabus grading system can be customized. For example, This tool is perfect for CBSE, State board and ICSE board.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is a Grade Management Software?

The Grade Management system makes the teacher’s job easier by not spending much time calculating Grades. Using an inbuilt Grading Scale the Grades will be auto generated once the marks are been fed on.

2. What is the necessity of using a Grade Management Software?
  • To generate report cards
  • Bridges the communication gaps
  • To increase the Learning Curve
  • To inculcate the learning style
  • To find out the areas of improvement in learning
3. How can the teachers use the Grade Management Software?

GegoK12 is a simple and user-friendly platform. The teachers can just login into their respective portals and record their subject marks class-wise. Once it is recorded the same will get updated in the report card.

4. Will the grades get published automatically in the Grade Management Software?

Yes, the grades will get auto-published in the report as and when the marks are been recorded by the teachers.

5. Does GegoK12 support the CBSE grading system?

Yes, GegoK12 School Management software is 100% customizable. It supports CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and Matriculation grading system.

6. How can parents view the soft copy of the report cards?

The Parents will get a notification in their mobile apps once the marks are been recorded and then they can view directly view their student’s performance in the GegoK12 Parents Mobile app.

7. Does GegoK12 Grade Management Software is available for Free?

No, it is available at a very minimal price with all the other modules like classroom management system , Online class, chat rooms, Emergency notification system,Transport Management , Payroll Management, Inventory management and Alumni Management