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Student Information Management System

Schools maintain a huge database for students every year.

Student Information Management System is a 100% secured platform

Schools maintain a huge database for students every year. The records may be starting from enrolment till the transfer certificate. As the school grows students’ strength also increases. As a result, the record room becomes unmanageable with loads of files and folders. Thus the educational institutions can incorporate the school management software to serve at its best.

GegoK12 is a cloud-based platform integrated with a student information management system. The Student Information System (SIS) or a Student Management System (SMS) is a complete solution. It manages the student-related information digitally. It can manage, store, track, retrieve, and analyse student-related data. The data gets saved in the cloud platform for greater security. With the blissful technology, the parents can use mobile app for the active mode of communication. The user-friendly dashboard is simple for any person to use. Moreover, all the information will be available in the simple interface dashboard.

The various functions of the student information management system are

Registration & Admission

Student Administration



Fee Collection


Exam & Results

Student Records



Key Features of Student Information Management System

Manage data Hassle-free using Student information management system

The information is manageable without hassles. Boring and monotonous record-keeping work becomes easier in this paperless tool. This will support all the administrative staff and the academicians to retrieve any kind of student-related data.

student information management

Manage admissions Online with a Student information management system

This will be a great tool for the admission team members to simplify their documentation. Manage admissions online right from accepting registration forms to the enrolment registers. The entrance test is also managed online thus the process becomes faster, simpler and easier.

Daily tracking of Student activities

The parents need updates from the school for time-to-time monitoring. This student information management system sends instant Notifications on attendance, discipline, celebrations etc. Due to the regular updates, the students don’t go off track during the schooling. Every piece of information gets recorded in the student information system to serve as the future record.

student activity
student academic

Monitoring students academic performance with Student information management system

With the grading and report module, the parents get notified about their ward’s academic growth. The teacher has the responsibility to update the assessment marks of the student. Once updated the parents can view the student’s performance along with grade. This module auto-generates the report card with the updated marks.

Aids in reports for decision making purpose

This school management software GegoK12 aids in preparing reports. The various reports are Attendance report, Fee report, Homework report, Discipline report etc. The administrators and the teachers can use these reports for generating error-free reports. These reports will be quite useful and get saved in the cloud platform for future use.

Cloud-based platform for data security

One of the greatest advantages of the student information management system is data security. The information saved on the server will be highly confidential. The administrators or the authorized personnel will have login access. This platform has free maintenance it is cost-effective. Moreover, this software supports “pay as you use mode”.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is Student Management System?

Student Management System eases out all the student-related activities. It starts right from the attendance and goes on till the promotion card.

2. How does it manage all the information?

The top-notch tool helps the software to manage all the information in an orderly manner.

3. Can we share our school’s personal information with a third party like you?

We provide enhanced safety and security at all times. Your data will never be misused by us at anytime

4. Why do we need Student Management System?

To effectively manage the entire student profile under a cloud-based technology

5. What does the Student Management System do?

It is the responsibility of the authorized person to record all the information on a timely basis. This software processes the information and will be made available for anyone to retrieve the records required for future use.

6. Is it a cost-efficient tool?

Yes, it is very cost-efficient. Additionally, all the important modules come under GegoK12 software to raise the standard and fame of the school. 

7. What are the other features of the Student Management System?
  • Manages new enrolments
  • Prepares reports
  • Has a check on student’s activities
  • Disciplinary records
  • Aids in academic performance

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