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School Alumni Management System

It perfectly records, digitizes, organize, edit, share, and protect the information and important data of students and staff.

 School Alumni Management System Increase interaction and engagement

The school authorities meet many students here and there but fail to share their contact with others. Even if they share in the long run the contact gets vanished due to so many reasons. Thus  Keeping track of Alumni is not an easy task. The School Alumni management system is the best platform that connects and communicates with old students of the school. This platform helps the students to connect with their classmates/ batch mates. The up-to-date happenings can be shared with the old students to gain engagement. GegoK12 is inbuilt with School Alumni management software to enhance the connections of the students. The various benefits of Alumni management software are

Organizing reunions

To develop associations and networking

To share success stories

Raising Funds

For career opportunities

Building Brand

To Showcase alumni testimonials

For hosting seminars and lectures

Key Features of School Alumni Management System

Alumni directory

The alumni directory lists down the name of the Alumni along with the year of completion. This helps the admin to find out the list of Alumni studied during the particular year. The Batch wise additions are useful for the easy retrieval of old students.  

alumni management system
alumni profile details

School Alumni Profile

A detailed profile is recorded along with the Name, Phone number, Email Id, the Batch details, Ug and Pg details, Job experience and social media connections. This profile will be helpful to create career options for existing students.

Alumni Login Credentials

This is great news for an old student to be still connected with the school. With the Alumni management software, the old students can log in in GegoK12 with the credentials and view the happenings and events of the school. Hence the student creates a lifelong bonding with the school.

alumni profile

Regular updates to Alumni

Regular updates can be sent to the admin to refresh them about the school’s progress and growth. Thus this gains long-lived relationship along with the school and the school authorities.

Filter options

The admin can filter and search for the relevant information required. The search option is available based on Alphabetical order. Just within a single click, the admin can gather the complete information of the old student.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is Alumni Management software?

The Alumni management software is the best platform that connects and communicates with old students of the school.

2. What are the various benefits of Alumni Management software?
  • Organizing reunions
  • Fundraising
  • To Showcase alumni testimonials
  • To develop associations and networking
  • For career opportunities
  • For hosting seminars and lectures
  • To share success stories
  • Build Brand Building
3. Is this software available free of cost?

Yes, It is available free of cost along with the GegoK12 school management software

4. How do I connect with the school Alumni?

The Alumni directory has all the details of the students so it is easier to reconnect with the classmates and batchmates

5. Will I get regular updates from school?

Yes, all the events and happenings of the school will be sent as updates to the Alumnae

6. Why do I need Alumni management if I have all the old manual student records?

The maintenance of manual records is difficult and gets faded as the days pass by thus it becomes to gather information about the old student. It is easy to retrieve even the oldest alumni details with this alumni management software

7. Is it user-friendly software?

Yes it is, very simple to use

8. Can i see 10 yrs old student information?

Yes, the admin can see the entire profile of the student because the GegoK12 is crafted with cloud management technology. 

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