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School Management Software

Paperless, Automated, Streamlined School Management Software is available at an affordable price. Highly customizable to manage the school activities successfully

School Management Software

Reach the pinnacle of success with GegoK12 School Management Software.

Upgrade your school with GegoK12 School Management Software. Automate the day-to-day activities of the school. Manage student informations with care and improve the Parent – Teacher Communication.

GegoK12 is a one-stop platform to modernize your school by automating administrative and academic concerns. It monitors the school actively by connecting the pillars of the school.  Most importantly, the major part lies in the academic concerns of the students. Attendance marking, Discipline, homework, assignment, study materials, marks record, etc gets streamlined with the digital method.

GegoK12 School ERP software bridges the communication points and maintains credibility. The school’s standard gets improved and withstand in the long run. The main focus of GegoK12 is providing the processed information with the raw data.

GegoK12 has inbuilt chat rooms and tools for online video classes. This module enhances learning and elevates student outcomes. 

The Benefits of GegoK12

Establishes a strong parent bonding with the school management software

This cloud-based platform helps to build a strong bonding with the parents by connecting them with the parent portal. The parent gets notified once the school updates any information related to the students. The parent’s app bridges the communication gap between the school authorities

The school management software boosts productivity

The greatest advantage is it boosts the school’s productivity hence the data is available in an organized manner. Hence, all the records will be available with a click anytime and anywhere and so increases the efficiency of the organization. Using the student database the entire information will be accessible.

Increases the admission process and strengthens enrolment.

Hence, the school incorporates a digital way of organizing things the outcome becomes much satisfactory. As a result, the parents will be much happier about the student’s progress. Thus parents start spreading more positivity about the institution and helps to gain more admission.

Maintains accurate record with student database

This paperless tool helps to record the entire academic cycle of the student. For instance, if the student gets enrolled in the Foundation stage and completes Grade 12 the entire student history will be available in this cloud-based platform for future use.

Reduces cost of communication with parent portal

This advanced technology is useful to bridge the communication gaps with less cost. Additionally, the information will be available to parents soon after it gets published in the school calendar.

Access information anywhere

Due to cloud-based technology, the information available will be accurate and accessible. The school authorities will be aware of any happenings of the school and will be up to date about the school.


Student information

Managing and organizing student information under the student profile becomes easier with GegoK12. The other details such as attendance mark scored, regularity, achievements will be available in a single click. The behavior records, habits, medical history, fee details, mode of transport etc will extra value to the profile. The complete profile of the student along with the basic details will be available at ease.

student management system
Online class and chat rooms management

Online class and chat rooms management

Using the student’s portal the students can get enrolled in the online class. This platform will be useful for the students to get engaged with learning using visual aids. The chat rooms will be only helpful for personalized meetings between the staff or for students to clarify doubts and queries.

Reception management

Using the student’s portal the students can get enrolled in the online class. This platform will be useful for the students to get engaged with learning using visual aids. The chat rooms will be only helpful for personalized meetings between the staff or for students to clarify doubts and queries.

classroom management system

Classroom management

This tool will help the educators to streamline the regular work. Right from attendance marking, assigning homework, assignment posting, quiz, distribution of study materials,etc . As soon as the teacher uploads the details the same will gets dispatched to the parents right away. The real-time progress enhances student learning.

Time Table management

The tedious and time-consuming job is preparing time table. This tool will help you to generate time table. Once the admin allocates the classes and the number of periods the time table gets generated. Hence, it will be useful to plot substitutions for the teachers during absenteeism.

classroom management system
classroom management system

Inventory / IT Asset

The admin staff will for sure treasure the inventory /Asset management tool. This tool will gather all the information about the assets with the scan of the QR code. After the generation of the QR code, it is easy to track the stock, ownership, warranty info etc.

Library management

This module will be an asset to the librarian to handle the catalog of books available in the library. Using the bar code generator the librarian could track the entire history of the book. For instance, Harry potter’s book has reaped a fine of Rs 30 for the mishandling of the book.

Library management
exam management and report card management

Exam management and report
card management

The schedules of class tests, Summative assessments, formative assessments etc could be prepared and presented in the Parents app. Once the teacher enters the marks, report cards can be auto-generated to check on the students learning curve.

 Payroll Management

With a huge number of employees in the organization, it is very difficult to calculate the salary. The payroll management tool will calculate the salary based on the deductions. hence this tool manages the employee’s financial records, incentives, bonus etc.  Finally to conclude the school management software is the best partner for schools to develop efficiency and productivity. It is a switch over from traditional paper pen work to digitalized method to have an effective learning environment. Parents will love this enhanced module because all the information is available in the hand’s palm.


Frequently Asked Questions?

How much does the school management software cost?

GegoK12 is available free of cost for the first three months. It offers a pilot program to match the requirements of the institution.

Does payroll management is inbuilt with school management software

Yes, GegoK12 is inbuilt with payroll management to ease out the employees’ salaries and deductions.

What is report card management?

GegoK12 will be quite useful for the reception desk. The visitor logs, call records, postal records will accessible anytime. In the same, these details will serve as a record for future use.

Can we connect the online class with school management software?

Yes, Online video classes can be connected with ease. Additionally, chat rooms are also available with GegoK12

Does the school management software have a parent portal?

Parent Portal and parent app bridge the gap between the parent and the school.

Should we have to pay extra for the teachers app

No, the teacher’s app is available free of cost.