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School Classroom record management system

In this, the Student Data is perfectly organized by Classes for effective record keeping and day-to-day management.

Maintain classroom records digitally using school classroom management

The School classroom record Management is a place where half of the student’s academics concerns get resolved. The students gain knowledge from this confined place. Learning gets optimized inside the classroom. A well-set classroom runs a large number of records. The records such as

Attendance Registers

Examination Result’s Records

Punishment Register

Leave register

Teachers’ Attendance Register

Teachers’ Log-book

Cumulative Records

Records of Time-tables

Conduct Register

Lesson plan records

Maintaining all these records is time-consuming and a tedious process as well. At the start of the year, every teacher maintains the record strictly. As the day fades slowly the record-keeping starts vanishing. Thus here comes GegoK12 the school classroom record management software to ease out the record management process. Moreover, this software partners with cloud-based technology. Hence the data is safe and secured in this paperless administration. .

Key Features of School classroom record management system

Attendance management system

The teachers mark attendance every day in the hard copy of the attendance register. If the attendance register gets misplaced somewhere obviously one day’s presence/absence is not marked. Hence the cumulative attendance gets varied because of the mishappenings. Using GegoK12 marking attendance becomes much easier and simple. The school management software enriches with the attendance module. This module will greatly useful for the school authorities and the parents. The teachers can mark the student’s attendance every day in this module and check on their regularity as well. If the student fails to attend the school the parent will be also get notified. This module will also be useful to generate reports on child’s absenteeism. This record will maintain the school’s standard since the school shows much concern even on a single day’s leave.

attendance management system
home work

Homework management system

The biggest task for a teacher is making students copy the Homework in their school planner. Since the students are all set to move during the home time they copy wrongly or sometimes never copy down. This increases the stress levels for the parents during the study time. And hence they blame the school for not giving the individual attention. As a result, the Transfer certificate gets accumulated at the end of the year. To avoid these issues GegoK12 has introduced a Homework management system. The teachers or the administrators can send homework to the parents at the stipulated time. Even if the student is absent from school the homework reaches the parents on time. This makes parents aware of what is happening during school hours..

Exam management system

GegoK12 is inbuilt with an exam management system to make parents aware of the exams and their schedules. This module is highly advantageous for parents to have a check on the students to prepare them for the assessments. Can schedule simple class tests with the exam management system. The parent gets every single update about the examination. The parents can view the syllabus, date and time. The teachers can also prepare their question papers based on the exam timetable.

classroom management

Classroom management system

An effective teacher manages the class effectively. The regular and monotonous work of a teacher in attendance marking, assigning homework, assignment posting, study materials distribution etc. This software is digitally managed using school management software GegoK12. The teacher or the administrator can easily record in this paperless tool. The raw information gets processed and will be available anytime for the stakeholders of the school.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Classroom Record Management System

In a School ERP Software, Classroom Record Management is a key module. It includes the tools to record all classroom activities include Students Attendance, Teachers Lesson Plan, Teachers Log, Assignment, Assessments, and Feedback. 

Why we need Classroom Management Tools ?

Classroom Management tools ensure the effective implementation of the Academic Program. It helps teachers to act productive and easily maintain the records.

Why Classroom Record Management in Important ?

To comply with standards set by Education Departments, it is important to maintain all the records. 

Do you have Demo for Classroom Record Management System ?
Yes, GegoK12 is a well developed School ERP Software. You can book the School Management Software Demo. One of our product experts will explain them in detail.


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