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School Event Management System

Creating events, notifying the parents and stakeholders and maintaining the photo galley of the event is made simple in GegoK12 – School ERP

Make everyday a memorable one with School calendar, Events and photo Gallery Management System

The School Event Management System, as well as school life, are the biggest treasure in everyone’s life. A regular school day fills with loads of activities and fun. Students learn more from the enrichment activities than the boring lectures. Thus the modern-day school’s curriculum emphasis on enrichment programs. This enhances real-time learning. Taking the norms into consideration the school drafts the school planner(School handbook). It is with more activities to make the learning active and engaging. Due to a packed work schedule, the events and occasions get slipped from the schedule. Thus it is high time to incorporate school event management software to send reminders and notifications during the events. GegoK12 is inbuilt with the School Calendar and the information gets published to all the stakeholders of the school. As a result, even a simple event doesn’t get missed. Additionally, the administrators can maintain the school event schedule and publish school event photo galleries. The various events to held in the school are

Reopening day

Annual day, sports day

Classroom events

Medical camp etc

Concerts, competitions

Assessment days



Parent teachers Meet

Patriotic days

Key Features of School Event management system


Highlight the school with School Academic Calendar

The School academic calendar is slightly different from the regular calendar. It helps the teachers, parents and students to plan and prepare for academic events like class hours, assessments etc. With the help of the handy calendar, the teachers. and students can reduce their stress levels for a better learning outcome. The teachers can prepare their class hours based on the assessment. The students can prepare at their own pace to optimize learning. Moreover, the parents can plan their family time as well based on the academic calendar. Additionally, the stakeholders of the school can view . the calendar in their mobile apps.

Be aware of the List of Holidays

Communicating the list of school holidays is a key requirement. Admin can create and maintain the list of holidays at the beginning of the year. Parents can access the list of holidays from the Mobile app. They can plan their family outing, fun and relaxation trips.

Stay updated with School Events

Most of the time the parents are unaware of what’s happening in school. The students fail to keep themselves updated about the events. Thus there exist a gap between the parents and the school. The school administration software GegoK12 is bliss to the school. Through the web admin control panel, the administrator can create an event. The event can be for full school, or a specific Class – Section.

Highlights on Classroom Specific Events

The school management software keeps everyone updated about the classroom-specific events as well. The events get published in the specific class wall in the parent’s mobile app. Hence this helps the parents to know the happenings of the class. The software allows creating classroom-specific events. For instance Online Classes, Class Tests, and any other class events. Event info auto-updated to parents via mobile app.

Exam as Events

Teachers and the students are the key components of the examination. Exam days are also synced with the school calendar. It helps the parents to see the upcoming exams and plan the preparation. It also includes class tests, slip tests, aptitude tests etc

Event Gallery

Memories get cherished with pictures. The parents can view the happy moments of their ward’s journey through photographs. This cloud-based platform can occupy pictures irrespective of the events. Cultural events, Sports events, Talent competitions, and important Parent-Teacher meeting Photos. shared with the Event Photo Gallery system.

Mobile App Sync

The calendar info is set to sync with Mobile App. It makes it easy to follow up and set needful reminders.

Day, Week, Month View

The calendar is with Day, Week and Month view for easy access and a better user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1.What are the advantages of having a school calendar in the School Management Software?
  • Available 24/7
  • Parents can check all the school events at any time
  • Parents can plan their outings during the holidays
  • It proves the school’s transparency
  • Students can prepare for examinations ahead of time
  • Teachers can fix their teaching agenda for better learning outcome
  • Increases the parent engagement during school events
2. How do the Parents get notified from the Calendar?

The Parents get notified in the Mobile app once the School Calendar is updated in the School Management System

3. What are the highlights of School Management Software?

The GegoK12 School Management software transforms your school into a 21st-century school and will be highlighted as a school with a difference.

4. Can we upload the classroom events to the School Calendar?

Yes, The classroom events can also be published in the School Calendar

5. Who all can view the School Calendar?

The Parents, Teachers, Students and administrators can view the School Calendar

6. Can we reschedule our events once it is uploaded in the School Management Software?

Yes, it can easily be done with user-friendly features.

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