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Privacy Policy | Gegosoft

Information Gegosoft collects

Gegosoft has never sold your data to anyone else for advertising or has made money showing your other’s people’s data. This is our approach, and we always adhere to it. This Privacy Policy allows you to know what information we will collect from you, who can have access to it, and what we do with your information.

We only collect information from you which we need. Some of that information includes the ones you voluntarily give us when you sign up or register for an account, ask for support from customer care, or buy a product from us. We do not store your payment details or credit card details, but we do store your name and contact information with us.

We also receive information from you indirectly when you enquire about our products through a referral program or sign in using any online service provider like Google or Facebook. If you engage with our social media or brand, we will have information regarding your profile.

What we do with your data

Gegosoft uses your information to provide you service which you have requested. By using that data, we will create and maintain your account and communicate to you about the products that are currently in use, your customer support requirements, and the new products you would like. We analyze this information to understand the needs of the user and to improve our service and website.

You can decline specific information uses by not providing them, or you can opt-out of it later. We do not use cookies on any of our websites, so you can stop worrying about disabling cookies. We limit the access of your data to our contractors and employees. If we share your information with other parties, it will only be after seeking your permission, and the details will be shared only with parties like developers, customer support, service provider, and domain registrars.

We keep your information as long as it is required for the purposes stated by us. When we no longer require your data or have any legitimate need to possess it, we delete, isolate, or anonymize your information from our database.


Gegosoft will disclose some information if it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation, prevent fraud, or protect user’s safety. Social media modules and third-party websites have their own privacy policies. Always check the relevant policy before committing to sharing access to your information with third parties.

You can always ask us questions about our privacy policies or bring to our notice if we have collected information from a minor or need to have your personal data removed from our forums. You can always check on our privacy policies and security policy.