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Leave Management and Payroll Software

Easy to use Leave Management and Payroll software specially designed for Schools. 

Simplify the salary records and save time using payroll system for schools

The salary process is a never-ending process because of the tedious calculations. This time-consuming process can be uncomplicated using modern technology’s Payroll Management. GegoK12 School Management Software is integrated with Payroll Management.  The Employee’s salary is easily calculated after the deductions including tax. This payroll management software saves the precious time of the administrators. And the top peak advantage is no maintenance of manual bookkeeping. The salary statements can be retrieved at any time by the authorized personnel. The records are been 100% secured hence being stored in a cloud-based server. The various benefits of payroll management are

The salary calculation is done in no time

More focus on other important issues


Increased accuracy and precision

Clear financial records

Increases employee efficiency

High level of safety

Easy retrieval of financial statements

Key features of Payroll management

Quickly Generate payslips in no time

The accountants or the administrators spend long hours working out salary calculations and rechecking the same. Fortunately, GegoK12 school management software which is inbuilt with payroll management eases out the daunting task of salary processing.  The payslip generator is helpful to generate the salary slips swiftly once the salary is processed.

Sync leave records and calculate net pay

It is not possible to remember the staff’s attendance and leave records manually. Even the registers won’t be giving accurate records. The staff’s attendance, permissions, etc will be recorded every day already in the GegoK12 school management software. This payroll management software retrieves the data from the attendance record and calculates the net pay after the deductions.  

payroll management
payroll salary

Calculates salary deductions (ESI, PF) easily

Don’t need to work long hours during the end of the month for salary processing. Once the right structure is entered along with ESI and PF details the software automatically generates the correct amount of salary with exemptions and deductions and saves the record in the database.

Retrieve Payslips Records any time

Printing and Filling all the manual records for every month is not an easy job. With the outstanding technology, there is no need to print and file the payslips. The payslips will be available in the cloud technology for any time retrieval. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is payroll management software?

The payroll management software simplifies the staff’s payments by easily calculating the deductions with zero error.

2. What are the benefits of Payroll management?
  1. The salary calculation is done in no time
  2. Increased accuracy and precision
  3. Clear financial records
  4. Easy retrieval of financial statements
  5. Cost-effective
3. Explain the needs of Payroll management
  1. More focus on other important issues
  2. Increases employee efficiency
  3. High level of safety etc
4. What is the difference between manual salary processing and payroll salary processing?

Manual salary requires more time and still will end up with errors.

In Payroll management, the salary is processed within no time and free of errors too. Thus, it increases the employee’s productivity.

5. Is the software available at free cost?

Yes, it available at free cost along with the school management software.

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