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Text Management System for Schools

Text Management System for schools Bridge Communication beyond school hours. Cost-effective methodology to send Bulk SMS to the stakeholders of School 

Text Management System for Schools

Eradicate the loopholes of communication with the Text Management System for Schools

Communication is the biggest hindrance for every institution. The schools should be intact with parents with a strong communication system. The technology has given a good solution to bridge the communication gap between the school’s stakeholders.

SMS ( Short Message Service ) or Text Message is one of the widely used communication methods in the Modern day. It is more effective than email and pushes messages in some cases. GegoK12 is a dedicated module built with a cloud server to Send Mass Text Messages. With a click, the admin can send SMS to all parents and teachers. The greatest advantage is the customization of messages.

The Benefits of GegoK12

Strengthens communication and elevates the brand credibility

The text management system for schools is software available to strengthen communication. This software sends bulk messages to the entire members within no time. Thus it enhances the school’s standard without even dropping a bit.

Customizable based on the school’s requirements.

Every school has different needs and requirements. The greatest advantage of GegoK12 is customization based on the user’s needs. This customizable software will serve the best to optimize communication.

Keeps a record of messages sent for future reference

This is a quite useful feature for every school. Record management requires manual help. Since this is a cloud-based platform it is worry-free to retrieve the history of messages. It doesn’t need manual labor to maintain and safeguard the circular files.

Fastest delivery of messages from school

The technology is become so advanced to give the users endless benefits. Just within a fraction of seconds, messages reach the respective users. This text management system for schools will keep parents connected forever.

Free of cost since it is inbuilt in school management software

The text management system is available free of cost. Because this module is a value addition in the School Management Software. This module will be greatly useful for parents who don’t have android or IOS phones.

Anytime messaging facility

Admin can send scheduled and unscheduled messages directly using the mobile app and web portals. There is no hassle of sending from the limited systems. Pre-scheduling of messages is also possible. For example Birthday wishes, Work anniversary etc

Needless of technical experts to handle the system

User friendly and a simple module that is available in text management software for schools. Hence it can be easily handled by anyone. Just it requires basic knowledge of computers.

No paperwork thus cuts down printing expenses

Natural resources get saved well with school management software. Needless to print circulars and circulate them. Because the software helps the admin to send messages directly to the stakeholders. Thus the management can cut down the printing expenses and use them productively.


  • Instant delivery of messages
  • Customization is the greatest asset
  • Can send any type of messages for example, birthday greetings, homework, fee reminders, concert reminders, emergency alerts etc
  • Bulk delivery of messages
  • Delivery notifications
  • History of the message record
  • System friendly

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can we send customized messages to the Parents?

Yes, You can send customized messages to Parents, Teachers and other stakeholders of the school

2. Does the Text Management System demand an individual who’s is Tech savvy to operate the system?

Not, at all. Teachers or administrators can operate GegoK12.  It is a user-friendly platform.

3. Do I need to purchase SMS credits every month?

No not required. With Gego12 the SMS credits are inclusive of your subscription. You don’t need to purchase any additional credits.

4. Can the system have a record of messages sent?

Yes, GegoK12 is built with cloud technology. Thus it holds the complete history of messages sent.

5. How to find out if the messages are delivered to the concerned authorities or not?

The administrators or the teachers can check the delivery notifications to have a check on the delivery record.

6. Do you have a 24/7 facility?

Yes, Messages can be sent by the authorized person at any time to the school authorities

7. Can we send pre-recorded messages?

Yes we can send pre-recorded messages for the students birthday, Teacher’s birthday, Work anniversary etc 

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