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School Bus Tracking Management System

The School Bus Tracking Management System as a submodule of the School Management system lessens the burden of the administrators. GegoK12 streamlines all the operations of the school within one window.

Increase parents confidence in school system using School Bus / Transport Management system

The parents can be contented with the school for keeping students safety as their priority. The effective functioning of the school doesn’t only depend upon the Academics and the syllabus. The school Transport Management system is also equally important since the students home are far away from school. GegoK12 is a School Management System which adds up the School Bus Tracking Management System as a submodule to lessen the burden of the administrators.

Key Features of School Bus Tracking Management System

View scheduled route and be worry-free

Parents are unaware of the bus route hence they are forced to skip their official working hours to meet authorities in-person school person to check on the bus route if they need to modify the pickup or drop off time-consuming location. This transport module will provide parents transparent details like Bus number, scheduled route, driver info’s etc, This mobile app allows the parent to monitor if the driver is on the right route. The GPS tracking system will send notifications to the parent if there is any change of route due to any mishappenings.

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Transparency in Vehicle details

Using this School Bus  Transport Management System any number of vehicles can be added along with the following details like name, type, vehicle number, seat capacity, registration number, fuel used, engine number etc. The existing vehicle details can also be edited if there are any updates in the vehicle history.

Manage Maintenance and License reminders

It is hard for an administrator to have a check on the school vehicles and get their maintenance at the right time without delay. But is possible with GegoK12 The School Management System. The School Bus Transport Management system helps the administrators to notify on the renewal date of the vehicle thus it improves the life of the Asset. GegoK12 streamlines all the operations of the school within one window.

Transparency in Driver Schedules

The greatest advantage of the Transport Management System is the driver details, licenses and driver schedules are been mentioned in. This helps the Parent to be aware of the Driver in charge of the bus and feel secured till their ward reaches home. This Profile will be greatly useful for the administrators to substitute other drivers right in. This avoids time delays and disruption in traveling time.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the Transport Management System?

Smartly managing the transport to keep the parents happy about the students travel on the school bus.

2. Does the Transport module is inclusive in School Management Software?

Yes, GegoK12 School Management Software is inclusive of  Transport Module as one of the submodule. There are various other modules available like Students Information System, Online class module, Report and grading Module,  Library Management system, Payroll Management, Inventory Management System etc

3. Can we add more than 30 buses to the Transport Management System?

Yes, The software is built-in with cloud technology so

4. How school bus Management software helps the school?
  • The safest bus routes can eradicate the route hazards
  • Time delay can be minimized
  • The parents get transparency in the school transport system within few clicks
  • Rescheduling can be done if any changes occur due to bus breakdown or driver’s absence etc
5. Do we need a school bus routing software?

Not required, GegoK12 has the routing software inbuilt with School Bus Transport Management System. 

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