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Mobile App for Teachers

A Teacher-friendly Mobile App – To boost reliability and efficiency

A Teacher-Friendly Mobile App Think proactive, Work fast, head towards the smartest decision to switch over to the teacher app. The techno Era has upgraded the teachers into educators with the use of proficient technology to amplify the potential.

A Teacher Friendly Mobile App

Dedicated video class module
No glitches and unwanted pop-ups

A Teacher-Friendly Mobile App On the go, connectivity to speed up learning outcomes. The cloud-based server integrated with the video class module to eradicate issues of unwanted pop-ups and notifications. This module is ad-free and connects classes without distractions and hassles. The students gain long-term attention and retention. The highlighting features are

High-quality Clear Streaming

The video that is blurry, fuzzy and choppy distracts the students and thus teachers lose the flow of the class. The enhanced video class module with live streaming. It helps the teachers and the students to get entangled with the concept for better understanding.


Linkless video rooms

Unlike other video conferencing platforms GegoK12 gets connected easily without hassle-free links and passwords. Once the admin creates the video classroom the parents will be instantly notified and the connection becomes easier and simpler.


Effortless Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is yet another advantage of GegoK12.The teacher can share the screen with all the students to watch the real-time activity. Can share files, worksheets, documents, videos, Gif’s etc. This feature will help teachers and students to enhance intense learning and understanding.

Collaborate learning with virtual Whiteboard

Using digital whiteboard during online class helps the students to be interactive. The teacher can explain the topic using different presentation skills. Writing, drawing and explaining the concepts makes the students visualize and draw conclusions.


Have a hold on the Participants List

GegoK12 will display the participant’s list in the teacher’s dashboard. Using color differentiation teachers can find out if the student is present or absent from the class. For example, a Green dot represents the students who are present in the class and a red dot represents the absentees. This makes the teachers make a list of absentees as well.


Easy and simple Video & Audio Mute

Virtual classes need online class etiquette. The teacher can mute the audio and turn off the video for all the students with just a click. At the same time, students can also mute audio and turn off the video for the effective delivery of the classes.


Automatic Video Recorder

At times the teacher fails to record the video during the beginning of the class. Be worry-free teachers GegoK12 records the classes automatically. The recorded classes can be used for students who have missed the classes, Long term absentees, trainees etc.

Enhance active conversations with Digi Chat room

Inbuilt chat rooms are also available with GegoK12. Teachers can build up personalized conversations with hassle-free chat rooms. The students can access the chat room once the admin creates it. Chat room is used for Instant messaging to share ideas, for sharing worksheets, reference materials, notes etc for multiple users.


The complete solution built with Amazon Web Services

AWS is the most robust and scalable solution. This upgraded SaaS product with new functions and features.

Effective Communication

User-friendly features

Cloud-based technology


Paperless tool

Inbuilt Pilot program


Highlighting Features of Teacher App

GegoK12 is enriched with useful features to save time and increase productivity. The teacher app will make the teachers spend time constructively.


Teachers can view the class timetable so that they don’t miss their class hours


Lesson plan

Subject-wise lesson plans can be recorded by the teachers and the same can be viewed as well.



New assignment topics can be updated for the respective students based on the classes


Teacher can view any private/direct message sent by the school admin

Student leave

The teacher can approve Leave the request for the students.


Apply for leave

Leave requisition can be applied and the same can be directed for the Principal’s approval


Add Homework

Daily Homework can be given for students


To-do list

Work reminders can be set to complete the task on time without delay.



Class-wise can be marked by the class Teacher for the respective class

Online class

Teachers can take effective online video classes for better conceptual understanding.


Teachers can see the exam schedule which is posted by the school admin and plan their syllabus ahead of time. Additionally, they can upload students’ marks once the papers are been evaluated


Add performance

Teacher can add performance for any student to appreciate the student’s performance


Teachers can view the academic year holiday list. The admin updates the school calendar which in turn gets synced to the teacher app.

Assignment list

Teacher can see the submitted student’s assignment, evaluate it, grade them and notify the students about their presentation


Homework list

Teacher can see the student’s Homework submission, evaluate the same and send real-time feedback instantly


Student performance list

Using the performance module students performance can be monitored by the teacher


Absent list

Daily absentees list can be seen from the attendance module and notify the parents on their wards absenteeism.

Change password

The teacher can set a new password any time for safety and security reasons.



Undoubtfully, the benefits reaped by the teacher app are extraordinary. The teacher’s app helps the teachers to complete various tasks without spending much time and effort. This makes the teachers spend time in an organized manner without pitfalls.

Gegok12 Modern School Software

Builds a strong rapport with the teacher

Effective communication is the greatest advantage of the GegoK12 teacher app. The loopholes of communication get eradicated since the information is passed on to the right source at the right time. The teacher gains reputation from the parents for strengthening the communication gaps and Thus it enhances the learning goals of the students.

Manage time and increase productivity

Time management is the biggest constraint for every teacher. The teacher hardly finds time to complete the task on time. The teacher app supports the teacher in all ways to increase efficiency. For instance, teachers can save their lesson plans, Reviews assignment topics at any time rather than wasting time rewriting plans every time.


100% Security and 24/7 retrieval of data

The teacher app is built with cloud technology to safeguard the information. The dedicated server helps the teachers to store a large number of files and documents. Thus the retrieval becomes easy and simple. The documents and records can be referred any time.

Sharing of digitalized resources

The topic gains its importance with the way it is presented. To gain a good understanding and knowledge the teacher can share any kind of reference materials like videos, links, documents, notes etc. Thus the teacher app is helpful for the students to develop conceptual understanding.

Connect students and parents instantly

The teacher app connects the parents and students without delay. The notification feature helps the parents to intimate messages from the school. Once the teacher updates the information the notification reaches the parent instantly.

Enhanced learning methodology –User-friendly teaching

Education in digitalization is the burning need. Monotonous classroom teaching is an outdated one. The online class has taken its stand in education to boost up the learning methodology. Online education gives real-world skills required for practical life.

Complete task on time

The teacher app is inbuilt with many features. One such feature is a to-do list. With the help of this feature, the teacher can set work agenda. The work agenda makes the teachers complete the work on time and thus avoid work destruction.

Bridges students learning gaps

Learning becomes active and ongoing with the teacher app. The teacher can provide instant and real-time feedback for the students on the completed work. This pushes the students to reach a level higher and perform better in the forthcoming work.

TEACHER Friendly Mobile APP


Does the chat room gets instantly connected?

The admin can create dedicated chat rooms for the students to clarify doubts and queries. These chat rooms are constructive than traditional forums./p>

What is the use of Time Table?

This tool will be helpful for the teacher to plan, organize and deliver effective plans based on the class hours.

Should we have to pay extra for the teacher app

No, the teacher app is free. It is an add on along with the school management software

What is the important feature in the teacher app?

GegoK12 is inbuilt with all the useful features such as online class, chat room, lesson planning, timetable, To-do list, Attendance marking etc

What are the different modules in GegoK12 school management software

All the modules are important for the effective functioning of the school. Student information management system, classroom management, calendar, library, payroll management, online video class, inventory management etc

Will the provided information be confidential?

Yes, since the software is inbuilt with cloud technology all information will be 100% confidential.

Does it require any maintenance cost?

No, maintenance is not required. Our technical team will be checking on the updates.