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Media Library Management System

The admin can enter details of Option of Media Upload and Study material, Titles, Description, Types like Video, Audio, and Image.

Upload a variety of activities in Media Library Management Software

Classroom events are always interesting and fun. Every day something new will be happening in the class. But the parents will be unaware of the same. And the students also fail to keep the parents updated. Sometimes the teacher shares the class notes (study materials) for the topic. Unfortunately, the absentees may miss out on the copies circulated in the class. Here comes the school management software GegoK12 to outreach all these issues.

The sub-module media library will be quite helpful for the parents. The parents can view the files may be audio or video, study material for the students for a better understanding. You can also be able to access photos, videos of the events that happened in the class or the school. The admin can enter details of Option of Media Upload and Study material, Titles, Description, Types like Video, Audio, and Image. The media library refers to a place to store image files (gif, jpg, png), PDF documents, Word documents, and other HTML files. The Media Library management software contains all media items, respectively as images, documents, videos, and audio files. In addition, the Media Library can keep all your media files in one place and organize them in a folder structure similar to the content tree.

Key Features of Media Library Management System

Add items in the media library management system

Any new audio or video is added to the media library irrespective of the class. The media files can be audio, video, study material and value education. The added file is easily shared for the individual class as well. To add any new audio or video the administrator or the respective teacher has to just click add new and enter other details .such as the description type (audio, video and image ), title etc. It is possible to attach direct audio or live audio in the media library and click submit. Once done the media gets uploaded to the respective class. This will be useful for the teachers as well to attach documents, or an animated video, or a worksheet to create better learning outcomes.

Easy Storage

This robust platform is inbuilt with cloud technology. So, it is simple and easy for the administrators or teachers to collect the material when required. These materials serve as reference material for the future. Each document will be safe in the school management software. This will be a useful document for the forthcoming years as well. Teacher’s time gets saved in the resources are safe too,

Attach any kind of file in the media library

The teachers find it difficult to print all the reference copies to make the students understand the topic well. Needless to worry about this platform GegoK12 is the easiest platform to publish study materials as well. The teachers can attach any file may be a video, Gif, animated content, a lecture, image etc easily.

Delete media easily in the media library management

Media files i.e audio, video, or image can be easily deleted from the media library. The teachers or the administrators can delete any document from any class just within few clicks.

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