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School Magazine and Journal Publishing

The students are encouraged to represent School Magazine and Journal publishing. One can publish short stories, articles, plays, poems, and activities that have literary and academic merit.

Exhibit your talents in School Magazine and Journal Publishing

School magazine and Journal publishing plays a vital life in student’s school life. Every student has hidden potentials and talents. The best place to exhibit their talents in school. The school takes initiative to portray creativity in the school magazine and school journal. The student’s creativity can be in

Writing Short stories

Writing poems

Sports activities

Drafting articles

Literary activities

LSRW skills

Performing plays

Academics merit

Mathematical skills

School Magazine and journal publishing is the right place to share and cherish accomplishment. This can be a record to gain pride and achievement. But physically printing magazines and journals work out expensive. Thus the school should take the smartest initiative of implementing the school management software. This school management software GegoK12 is paperless and automated to run the organization smoothly.

With GegoK12 – School Management Software one can easily upload any type of Magazine and Journal. The details incurring like Magazine name, Select Year, Upload Cover page, Upload Magazine File, and Upload category.

The younger students could react well to messages that enchant, interest, challenge and motivate them—messages composed particularly for them. Recall that our students live in a multicultural, different society and that School Magazine mirrors this.

Key Features of School student Magazine and Journal Publishing

Go Paperless and save natural resources

The physical handouts don’t save the purpose. The students due to carelessness are not able to realize the worth of the content. The greatest advantage of GegoK12 is being economical. The school can cut down the printing expenses to print magazines and journals. Thus can save the treasure of mother earth by using the Go Green strategy. Once the magazine gets uploaded the parents get notified about the same in their mobile app.

school magazine
Add magazine

Handy and Flexible source

As said earlier GegoK12 is paperless there is no pain in carrying it everywhere. The Parents can spread and share their ward’s achievement directly from the mobile app. This handy source will be useful for all the Parents, students and teachers to enjoy the pride. Thus school develops its credibility and standard with this platform. And hence it increases the global presence.

Reduce the hassles of uploading

Magazines and journals can be easily uploaded to web portals. It doesn’t kill much time to upload. GegoK12 will give a wider reach and increase the potential audience.

Unlimited cloud storage

GegoK12 has unlimited storage. Being in this cloud-based platform image galleries, media libraries can be easily uploaded. Another advantage is 24/7 accessibility. The parents can view it anytime from their mobile phones.

Content flexibility

GegoK12 gains readers’ confidence and makes the school stand apart. The students get overwhelmed with their creativity and presentation skills. The admin can add or delete pages can be based on the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What are the uses of School Magazine and journal in School Management Software?

GegoK12 is enriched with cloud technology thus ‘n’ number of Magazines and Journals can be published. Additionally, the Parents can show their ward’s proud moments to their loved ones directly from the mobile phone, Reduces printing costs  etc

2. Can we see the Magazine anytime?

Once the Magazine or journal is published the Parents can view it any number of times and cherish the proud moments

3. How will the Parents know that the Magazine is published?

If there is any update about the school the  Parents will get notified on the Mobile.

4. Is the School Magazine or Journal downloadable?

No. it cannot be downloaded but the screenshots can be taken.

5. Will it take time to upload the School Magazine?

Not at all, it will get uploaded within minutes

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