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School Inventory Management Software

School Inventory Management Software to manage paperless inventory items. Provides insights on the available inventory to reduce maintenance cost

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School Inventory Management system -Every Asset in the school is valuable. It can be small as a water dispenser or big as a television. Maintaining the asset doesn’t depend upon the investment. It solely depends upon how much we pay attention to details. Thus, managing all the school property manually is a daunting task. This challenging task was made easy by implementing a school inventory management software. GegoK12 is a Barcode and mobile app-based School Inventory Management system. It helps School Administrators and Teachers to maintain their classroom assets. Additionally, school laboratory assets. gadgets, and electrical and electronic assets also with ease. This software adds extra life to the products. And therefore, usability and functionality increase for better operations. This software will be useful for decision-making purposes as well.

The Benefits of GegoK12

Optimize your School Inventory management software

A typical school deals with different types of inventories. Such as lab equipment, stationery items, gadgets, furniture, and electrical items. Every department maintains its inventory notebook or spreadsheet. There might be no standard format or procedure. This might lead to data loss, human error and may also lead to stealing or mishandling of items. Having well-structured inventory software will solve this problem. All items are properly recorded with detailed descriptions, purchase records, ownership, and location.

Manage Vendor details easily using School Inventory management software

Vendor management enables you to record all details about the supplier. Additionally, their address, contact persons, and notes. Recording all supplier data helps to contact them easily. This data helps us with new purchases, complaints, or support. School administration doesn’t need to rely on a single purchase manager’s insight. Also, it ensures, all products purchased are only from the approved vendors. The administrator can blacklist the supplier. In case of poor support or poor quality of supplies.

Minimize excess stock using School Inventory management software.

The inventory management software will calculate the active stock and the dead stock. Thus, the school can invest in the right quantity of stock required. We will never have too much or fewer in the stock rooms. This will help the management to spend on the right products at the right time. Wastage on the products is also reduced.

School inventory management software lessens errors and increases productivity

Human errors are possible while recording the bar codes. Thus this School management software generates the QR code after recording the details. The complete list of products is easily found just with the scan of the QR code. By simply scanning with the mobile it retrieves all the details. It is a user-friendly stage to ease out the operations.

Maintain and manage the asset of the school with inventory management

Reduce the downtown expenses using the school inventory management software. It simplifies the work by retrieving information required at any time. The materials manager could find out the status of maintenance and repairs. Thus this software helps to reduce the unnecessary expenses of the products.

Enhance Product security using cloud storage

The biggest challenge for the asset is getting lost or stolen. The risk is relatively high and thus there is no security for any products on the school premises. The implementation of school inventory management software reduces all the mishappenings. This cloud-based platform stores any amount of secured data.


Category based Storage

This cloud-based platform is highly useful to store various information. The information is easily stored based on the category and the sub-category. For instance, computers belong to the category. The subcategory of computers is Mouse, printers, monitors etc.,

Vendor list

This feature in the inventory management system is useful to record 1.Product list       2. Product name      3.Category 4. Vendor      5.Code       6.Quantity      7.Date of purchase       8.Remarks, 9.Ownership tracking

QR code assisted tracking

The inventory software has the option to print the QR Code. The QR code is stuck to the product.With simple  scanning of  QR Code, it is easy to track the key info of an asset. For tracking assets, typing the barcode creates errors. Thus the scanner is used to check on the bar codes.

Ownership Tracking

By associating the inventory with the Owner, it is easy to track. For example, the teacher can associate a laptop So on exit conditions, it is easy to track.

Browse, Search, and Filter

Easily browse items through categories. The inventory data organized for Quick Search based on keywords. Filtering based on parameters like Vendor, Item Conditions, location and Ownership.

Location Tracking

Link Items like FAN, AC, and Water Purifier with Location Tracking. So when some item reported fault, it is easy to trackback. Track locations based on the rooms.

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