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Facilities Management software for Schools

Facilities Management Software for schools in India today, most of the children visit schools with poor facilities. With no choice, they get accustomed to the same to continue education.

Facilities Management Software for Schools

Facilities Management software K12 ensures school to be a safe and a happy place

In India today, most of the children visit schools with poor facilities. With no choice, they get accustomed to the same to continue education.

Why do we need to accustom to poor facilities when facilities Management Software serves the best?

In India, today most of the children visit schools with poor facilities. With no choice, they get accustomed to the same to continue education. A healthy physical environment is an integral part of every institution. The management invests tons of money in developing facilities. Thus to fulfill the requisites of quality education. As time flies day after day the maintenance becomes very poor. Due to improper sanitation and hygiene facilities, children fall sick very often during schooling. The turn over to school becomes less. As a result, the learning environment gets disturbed and students lose interest in proper schooling. Let us not get that happen. With the emergence of Facilities Management Software, the entire school premises can be managed and maintained consistently. Hence the present time and the forthcoming years will be healthy, safe, and cozy.

The Benefits of GegoK12

Maintain the School premises in an orderly manner

Irrespective of the size and location the school buildings are valuable. The school should maintain all the facilities to carry out the day-to-day operations. The school facilities management software will ease out the monotonous way of maintenance.

facilities management system
student details in facilities management

Promote students physical health

Students spend most of their time in school. Their access to washrooms is higher than in any other place. Thus it is the responsibility of the school to have a check on the toilet and sanitation. The admin could generate a checklist based on the areas to be inspected everyday. It is the responsibility of the delegated personal to inspect and upload the designated area. Hence the toilets are maintained neatly which in turn decreases absenteeism due to poor hygiene.

Clear protocols with proper standards

Itis the responsibility of the Admin to frame a checklist based on the protocols with proper compliance. Once the checklist is framed the same is to be uploaded in the Facilities Management Software. For example, A  Swimming pool should have a checklist like clear the deck, debris of water,run the pump,test the pool water,brush/scrub pool walls,vaccum the pool , clean the skimmer, check the pool filter  etc 

Facilities management
All facilities

Consistent check on all facilities

With the help of Facilities Management Software, the Admin can have a check on the facilities. Moreover, the admin can get to know if the work is done invariably. This check will reduce the malfunctioning of the area.

Clean and well-maintained surroundings

A happy environment is not always with happy teaching. Even the contented surroundings matter a lot in the smooth workflow. If every area in school is spik and span then there is no need for yearly maintenance at all.  The clean buildings, cozy desk and chairs, dust-free fans, breezy air conditioners, Secured fire alarms, well-maintained fire extinguishers, clean water dispensers etc will give a clean bill of health and increases schools standards.

teacher details
Non teaching staff

Preventive maintenance actions

The best and effective advantage of facilities management software is cost control. With timely maintenance, the product can improve its life and functionality. Needless, to recruit any specialized labor for the timely supervision of the product. It also reduces extra maintenance costs for settings things right.

Clear report with all the details

The admin or any authorized person can retrieve reports on any area of the school within no time. A clear and concise report will help the admin to take necessary actions. The report can be generated at any time and any were to know the real state of the place. With the help of the report, the admin can find out the dedication and commitment of the staff as well.   

Allocation of work is easily possible

Since the checklist is already been uploaded by the admin the allocation of work becomes even easier. The admin can delegate the work to any staff in school and have a check if the work is done promptly. Based on the report the admin can add or delete any fields in the duty checklist.

Timely Service and Maintenance

Proper decorum is maintained at all times since the software demands the same. With allthe uploaded work charts the admin or any higher authority can decide if the place needs timely service or Maintenance.

Easy download of checklist and get work done

The work checklist can be easily downloadable. With the details mentioned in the checklist, the work has to be done. For example Name of the facility

Check schedule every day, Responsible person, Last check, Next check, View report all these have to be filled in the expected time without delay.

Reminder alerts to admin on poor maintenance

The Software notifies the Admin if the work is not done on time. This will help the admin authorities to have a check on the dedicated work. Thus poor maintenance is completely eradicated and the individuals ensure proper work culture.

The paperless tool is easily accessible –

The greatest advantage of this Software is it doesn’t demand physical registers or files. The concerned individual has to download the checklist, fill the same on a timely basis and then upload it in the software.  Our School Management Software GegoK12 is integrated with Facilities Management Software. If you are interested to give your students a happy learning environment do contact us for a free pilot program.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is a Facilities Management Software?

Facilities management (FM) software enables organizations to manage their entire repair and maintenance program from a web-based dashboard. This type of software is designed to help businesses save time and money by properly managing their buildings, assets, and occupants more efficiently and effectively