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Teacher Parent Communication App

Teacher Parent Communication App develops versatile communication between the Teacher and the Parents. It promotes engagement and involvement. 

Teacher Parent Communication App

The parent sacrifices anything or everything for their child’s successful future. They go beyond their limit to fulfil their ward’s desires and goals. The parents selects the best school to get individual attention for their ward. Without a doubt communication is the key factor for a successful learning. Active learning is only when the teacher and the parent shares their output about the student. Undoubtedly , Communication between the the Parent and teacher should be active and ongoing. As a result, parent teacher communication apps came into existence . Thus communication made easy in the child’s school life.

The best Parent teacher chat app GegoK12 to boost communication

Being in the high-tech era communication between the school authorities has become easy. GegoK12 helps the school to foster communication using Parent teacher Communication App. It is a school management software that bridges the communication gap. The parents can communicate with the teacher using the Teacher Parent communication app. Moreover, communication can happen directly from home even after school hours. Send Homework, circulars, fee reminders, study materials etc to the parents. They can even log in to the parent portal to get the notifications

The Benefits of GegoK12

Get Instant homework using the parent teacher chat app

Regularity of work plays a vital role in academics. Using this app homework gets dispatched on time. Thus this reduces the anxiety level of the parents. The parents can also get updated on class work as well and reinforce students to work on their own. Out of the best Parent teacher chats available GegoK12 stands apart.

The Parent Teacher Communication App updates the parent about the school forever

The Parents get updated on the important announcements of the school. This helps the parent to create strong connections with the school. Thus, the students get more encouragement from the parents. And moreover, they take part in the events and competitions . With full spirit and enthusiasm they try to compete with one another. Subsequently, this special initiation GegoK12 keeps parents contented.

Quick online class connectivity using the parent teacher communication app

The need of the hour is remote learning with an online teaching app. Due to server problems the students are not able to connect to the classes. Using the online class app the students can connect in the video classes hassle-free. No login credentials are essential. Students can connect immediately by just clicking the notification in the parent app. Additionally, Parents can also view the recorded classes for further queries and clarifications.

Use chat room for immediate discussions using the parent teacher chat app

Chat room is another important module in the school management system. It allows the parents to chat with the concerned teacher to clarify their doubts. The parent and teacher can exchange messages to one another. For Instance , Usage of chat rooms during annual day, graduation day for a specific group.


Watch out for your child's regularity with the Attendance management system

This module eases out the parent’s worry about the student’s attendance. The parents get notified immediately if the child is absent from school. The attendance record helps the parent to have a check on the student’s punctuality. Thus the student will be cautious before taking leave.

Shape up the student's attitude with Discipline Module

Discipline is the key to stay focused on the aim. Indeed, the disciplinary module supports the parent to correct the unruly behaviour. Parents will be very much aware of their ward’s behaviour in school with regular updates. Hence the students will be much concerned before doing any negative action.

Learn effectively with Online class

Truly speaking, quality live teaching sessions are a great source of learning. This platform simplifies online learning. The school can manage the online class effectively using the school management system. Students can connect with the teacher using the mobile app anytime and anywhere.

Make constructive conversations using the chat room module

Besides all the modules chat room also serve its purpose to develop rapport with the parent. The parent gets notifications if there are any important discussions about the ward. For instance, the admin creates a chat room to discuss the upcoming singing competition.

Get to know the know about of transport using Transport management

With the help of transport management, the parents can get accurate details of the buses. Driver info, contact number, bus number are the basic details available. Along with that vehicle registration number and route details will also be available. This creates transparency in the school structure for the parent.

Balance the personal life and school life with the Calendar module

This is a beautiful feature in the school management software. The parent gets updates about the calendar of events for the entire academic year. Thus this helps them to know about the exam date, date of scheduled events and the other holidays. Hence, the parents can fix other commitments like outing, vacations etc

Improve the learning curve using Grading and report card management

This tool will support parents to know their ward’s potential. Grading for scholastic and co-scholastic activities made easy here. All the subject marks get updated in the report card once the teacher updates the same. Hence, parents need not wait for the parent-teachers to meet to know about the child’s progress.

Enjoy the happy moments with the Gallery module

A happy parent is when they see their photographs of the ward on school occasions. This module is available handy to the parents in their mobile app. Once the photos get updated in the gallery module the same will gets notified to the parent. They can have better access to the photo gallery. Share pictures and videos with friends and family about the great moments. As a result, the teacher parent communication app is a free tool to enhance communication. GegoK12 school management software develops parent engagement and involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the best way to communicate with the parents

The effective way to communicate from school with the parent is with the  GegoK12 School Management Software. This software provides various mobile applications like Parent App and Teacher App. 

2. What are the features of Teacher Parent Communication App?

Instant notifications about attendance, homework, Discipline, Marks, School activities and events. The school calendar is synced with Parents Mobile App thus to keep Parents very much aware of the school happenings and occasions. 

3. What is the use of having a school app for parents?

The school app helps the school to bridge the communication gaps and strengthen communication.

4. What is a simple app for Parents?

GegoK12 is a simple school management software. It provides a user – friendly application for the school to communicate with the Parents.

5. Can the students connect for the online class from the Parents app?

Yes, the students can connect to the online class easily just with a click from the notification panel.

6. How will the parent know the school information?

It is the admin’s responsibility to connect the parent with the school by sending regular updates about the ward and the concerning activities. The notifications reach the Parent App instantly.

7. Can the parent view the school photos in the app any time

Yes, all the information will be available 24/7 in the Parent App. A parent can view the gallery, calendar at any time.