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School Attendance Management

  School Attendance Management Discipline starts from the game. Manages day boarding for every day.  Simple working with effective record management

School Attendance Management

The powerful tool to gather accurate records of attendance with School Attendance Management system

Taking manual attendance with the physical attendance record is an old-fashioned work. The risk of human error is high especially, with the manual recording of attendance. Hence, the records generated are mere waste of time because they won’t bear accurate results. The technology has put its foot strong in all areas including education. Thus, School attendance management is a useful tool for any institution. Moreover, to check on the staff and students’ regularity and punctuality. GegoK12 is a school attendance management software. It has inbuilt features for tracking the attendance of staff and students.

Indeed, the first duty of every student and staff is to mark attendance as they step in the school gates. The need of the hour is to deploy an efficient and simple school attendance tracking tool. So it can effectively manage the attendance by cutting the inconsistencies. GegoK12 school attendance management software is a flexible tool. It collects the absence record of the students and staff daily. Additionally, it also records in the respective student profiles. With just a click on the attendance field, the admin can generate the class wise absentees of the day. Moreover, their ward’s absenteeism gets notified to the parent. Obviously, this tool will be greatly helpful for generating reports. Thus, this tool is useful to generate daily, weekly monthly and yearly records.

The Benefits of GegoK12

Get to know the absentees using online School attendance management

Definitely, School attendance management is very much needed for an institution. Thus ,it improves productivity. Only if the staff and students come regularly to school the school gains its value. Hence, this software tracks the absentees of the day and updates and in their profile. Besides, to this admin can prepare substitution Timetable for the teachers.
class attendance details
attendance details

School attendance management is useful to generate error-free reports

Firstly, reports are the basic need for finalization of awards, rewards etc . The error-free reports get generated for future actions. The user-friendly features help the admin to concentrate on other productive work. Because of the automation of monotonous work the admin generates accurate records. Cut the time taken to generate manual records using this tool.

Check Students and staff regularity with K12 Attendance Management

Regularity and punctuality lead to the successful accomplishment of goals. If the students and staff are regular to school then they produce a better outcome. For example, judge the work commitment based on staff’s regularity. All the attendance can be quickly viewed within no time with this tool.

Approve leave on the go with the school management software

Whereas, the school heads / Principals are always busy with the core task of the school. They hardly have time to read manual leave letters and grant approval. The leave application is available handy in the school management software. The school Principal can grant or deny leave to the students and teachers easily . The Principal can also know specific reasons in the leave application. The students and teachers can apply for leave using mobile applications.

Track the leave status with Attendance Management App for Teachers

Indeed, it is a time-consuming process to wait and get approval in the manual leave letters. But that job becomes easier with the attendance management system. Additionally, the staff and teachers can swiftly check their leave status. The leave record gets stored in the database. Thus this ERP software eases out the waiting hours for getting leave approval.

K12 attendance notifies parent about students irregularity

The most admirable advantage of this tool is the notification facility. The parent’s will receive notifications once the admin/teacher sends any attendance updates. Hence, this makes the parent know if the student is present in school or not. The parent can take necessary actions to improve the student’s punctuality.


Attendance tracker

It is difficult to track all the student’s attendance every day even if there are few students in school. The attendance tracker tool checks the absentees for the day and notifies the parent. This tool improves the student’s regularity and punctuality.

Leave Master

The leave master module masters your leave. It gives details like name of the staff and the type of leave applied. Moreover the other details such as, the number of days on leave , reason for leave, number of days left is easily available. The head/Principal has the right to approve or disapprove any staff ‘s leave.

Kudos board

The Kudos board displays the name of the student with hundred percent attendance for all to view. Thus this is an attempt to motivate other students to be regular to school . Moreover , this record will be useful to distribute awards for the students.

SMS integration

This is another great feature of this software. The school can bridge communication gaps using SMS integration. The school can send weekly and monthly attendance reports to the parents. Thus to keep them aware of the student’s promptness towards school.

Instant Notifications

Connect all the parents with the mobile app using the school management system. The instant updates will update the parent about their ward’s attendance. The parent could check for the reports in their mobile applications. It is a simple and useful feature for the stake holders of the school.

Attendance Module

Importantly, in the attendance module, students will be able to apply for leave. The students can avail leave for the forenoon session or the afternoon session. The admin can find out the total number of students absent in the morning session. And similarly, for the afternoon sessions as well . Without wasting much of time hunting for class wise attendance registers this module will gather records in just few clicks


1. What is the Attendance Management system?

The attendance management system is an automated tool to have a check the regularity and punctuality of the staff and students.

2. What are the key features of the Attendance module?
  • Tracks attendance of the staff and the students
  • Sends instant messages to absentees Parents
  • Has a record of the leave history
  • Apply leave online
  • Check leave status
3. What is the purpose of the Attendance Management System?

The Attendance Management System is an enriched tool that helps to find out the leave history of the staff and the students. Thus this tool increases the productivity of the organization. Additionally, this record serves as a primary document to give rewards for perfect attendance.

4. How much does the Attendance Management system cost?

Attendance Management System is inbuilt with GegoK12 School Management Software. It is available for a nominal price.

5. How will the attendance module be useful to the parents?

The prime importance of incorporating an Attendance Management System is to intimate the parents about the student’s attendance so that the student doesn’t skip their academic sessions.