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Emergency Notification System For Schools - Alert the School Authorities

Emergency notification system for schools helps to contact a group of people at a time using streamlined technology.

Emergency Notification System For Schools

School Emergency Notification System and K12 Mass Alert 

Parents entrust children with the school’s authorities without a second thought. Schools get prepared for threats anytime. Indeed for school administrators, it is a key challenge to address the threat. Because life matters a lot for everyone. because natural disasters are not foreseen.  Communication is the key factor for any school either big or small. It should be strong during emergency conditions. The school must be ready for disasters at any time and thus equip the situation using the Emergency Notification System for Schools.

Emergency Notification System For Schools

Technology is rich in Education as well. With inbuilt technology, schools can enhance communication and streamline information during disasters. GegoK12 is the school management software. It is inbuilt with an Emergency Notification System. This effectively communicates the message to Parents in any worse situation to alert the Parents. The information can be communicated as text messages(SMS). Thus it serves the purpose of passing on the information to the dedicated individuals during threats or emergencies. The emergency communication system will be quite useful for effective administrations. Instances, where software is helpful, are

Bomb threats


Strong Weather conditions


Political agitation


Infectious disease


Utility failures


Hazardous chemical spills


Fire accident


Terrorist attack



The Benefits of GegoK12

emergency notification message

Strong rapport with the parents with Emergency Notification System

This advanced communication strategy helps to develop one-way communications with the parents. This elevates the parents to stay connected forever with the school. Thus, this transparent platform will bridge the communication gap between the parents.

Communicate swiftly with the stakeholders using the Emergency Notification System

Truly speaking, a big salute to the advancement in technology. The parents admit children to schools in the outskirts of the city for better education. For example, the parent gets alerts during heavy rain saying the children can be picked up late than the usual time. This quickest form of communication helps parents to be stress-free.

Preparedness during Emergencies

Natural disasters may affect the school at any time. It is the responsibility of the school management to be well aware of the treats. Using the Emergency Notification system a text message can be sent in no time to all the stakeholders of the school. This ensures that the school needs help to overcome the disaster.

Bulk Messaging Service

The software supports a Bulk Messaging service to alert the parents. The admin can post a message to the parent regarding the disaster by intimating emergency contact persons and the person in charge. So this makes the parents handle the situations at ease.  


Alerts via SMS - Paperless messaging service

GegoK12 is a school management software. This mass communication platform is inbuilt to boost communication. Send bulk messages to the parents, teachers and students without hassles. It is cost-effective hence it comes with the other modules as well. Push notifications will be useful to send messages during any situation or circumstance. Emergency Notification System for Schools is mandatory to foster communication.

One-click Process

Nothing works as per plan during an emergency. This software is designed to be simple and user-friendly for admins to react quickly. Just with one click, the admin can send messages to the targeted group without any time.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1.What is Emergency Notification System?

Emergency Notification System means keeping all the school holders informed about the emergency crisis because safety is the school’s priority

2. What are the uses of the Emergency Notification System?

One way dissemination to alert the parents to reduce to ensure that the students are safe

3. Why is an emergency response important?

The emergency response is important to save human life.

4. Why it is important to communicate clearly during Emergencies

Only when it is communicated the immediate actions and measures can be taken to overcome the situation.

5. Why this software is important in schools?

This module is a compliance Module for Quality certifications like ISO 9001