Facilities Management Software for Schools

Facilities management is an important part of the overall management of a school. To get a full return on investment from a school, maximum utilization and right management of the facilities is a must. With the advancements made in technology and science, the school admin will likely have a successful facilities management when using modern tools. The physical environment in every school determines if the school meets its objective or not. Any school which envisions providing a quality education to students should provide the necessary school facilities, resources and the right services to them. Students and parents have a high expectation of the education system and the school premises as well. For example, the students require a place to study, conduct experiments, train for sports and other activities while the teachers need a place for office, classrooms and meeting halls.

In such ways, tools, equipments and supplies are important for educational use and serves various purposes which lets students learn by providing computers in computer labs, tubes, microscopes for chemical experiments in laboratories and also sports equipments. The teachers and students use the cafeteria, restrooms, offices, laboratories, classrooms, workshops, etc. providing a complete furniture system in the school is important because it tends to encourage flexibility and creativity for the students and staff. Mostly school managements tend to repair or service a facility only when there is a major catastrophe in the system. Schools should respond to situations by having a regular check up on the facilities. For instance, without proper maintenance in places, hazardous material spills can occur which can serve as a cause for a safety concern among parents and students.

Classroom facilities management

Managing the classroom facilities like fan, chairs, tables which account for a majority of the school facilities. These should be properly managed and checked if the chairs have a loose leg or the fan is not working. Regular maintenance of these facilities will ensure in a smooth flow of the management.


Every product in the school accounts as a facility. For example, an RO water tank in the school which is a facility for the staff and students should be regularly monitored. Every facility should be regularly serviced and updated on when the last service was and when next the product should be serviced.


Every facility should be accounted for in the school and its location should be recorded. Using this module, every facility in all the places in the school will be linked to the tool and their status will be shown.