School Student Database Management System

It perfectly record, digitize, organise, edit, share, and protect the information and important data of students and staff. Here one can avoid manual paper documentation procedures by seamlessly scanning and uploading the necessary documents into the Cloud where the data is stored forever.

It is learnt that a student database management system in its simplest form uses a digital tracking system to maintain a record of all the students.They could maintaina record of every student-related data ranging from fees and financial records, examination records, transport facilities being provided by the school and availed by the students along with the usage of libraries, laboratory, computer lab and other school facilities used regularly by the students.

In addition a student database management system allows schools to save and access these records as needed by them, thus simplifying the work of the school administration team.

Key Features of School student database management system

Quality Streamlined Activities

The student database management system allows for reminders to set up for the various events and activities that need to be performed by the school administration team.

Act of Better Communication

A student database management system permits for simpler communication between students, parents-teachers, students-teachers and even allows for the school alumni to stay connected with each other.

Simple Management of Transport

It perfectly allows schools to stay updated in real-time on the number of students using the school transport system along with their address.The system also helps the school and parents to keep track of the bus along the route and sends the parents regular updates in case of breakdowns, route changes or any delays.

Facile Admission Process

The online system also makes it easy for the school to send students updates on admission tests, interview dates, reminders as well as the final admission status. It makes the admission process faster, error-free and more secure.

Effect of Faster Attendance Management

It is experienced that the system saves class teachers tedious minutes every morning calling out the class attendance and provides with the administration team on timely summaries and records of regular latecomers, absentees etc. when required.

Illustration of Report Management

The system permits for these important kinds of reports to be customized and presented in a manner that aids the decision-making process of the school administration and management team.

School Event Calendar

By this key feature it can be viewed and updated by the school which helps parents to stay updated about the various events and activities organized by the school.

Increased Data Security

One of the key features of using technology to manage the student database is that it is very secure and ensures that all the secure school data is kept safe.