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What is GegoK12 Exam Management Software, and how does it work?
Use The Ultimate Manual as your all-in-one exam management system. Specialists of education can attest to how digital examinations have evolved into a necessary tool for ensuring academic and examination success.
A remote standardized test online examination system was developed to continue the education system and examination. Online exam management is a lifesaver for everyone involved, including students, faculty, administrators, and examination controllers. Examinees can host remote and scalable examinations with the features they need for a successful drive thanks to futuristic and cutting-edge exam management software.

The exam acts as a medium for students to demonstrate their academic excellence in writing and other forms.

What Does Exam Digitization Entail and What Does It Require?
Exam digitization is a way for the academic sector to progress. From blackboards and textbooks to computers, software applications, mobile devices, and other technologies, the concept of education has evolved.
Not only has the digital education system simplified the process of knowledge transfer, but it has also ensured the accuracy of student assessment and evaluation. Use The Ultimate Manual as your all-in-one exam management system.
Exam administration is also simplified thanks to digitization, which includes everything from application and timetable management to exam result storage.

Exams are now considered an important step in a student’s learning progression in almost all educational institutions. Traditional K12 and higher educations systems and processes are based on pre-planned examinations.
Exam planning and execution necessitate a great deal of concentration and preparation. By planning examinations, preparing examination timetables, assigning examination halls, and sending notifications to students about upcoming examinations, digital software tools can help administrators reduce their workload.

Student Advantages:
Exam management software simplifies the online application and payment process for students. Everything can be done on one platform, from the online application to scheduling and payment.
Ease of Writing from Home: Students can use the digital exam management system to write their papers from home. As a result, students can write the exam from the comfort of their own homes. Given the ongoing pandemic, this is an urgent requirement.
Ease of Transit Application: With the help of an online examination management system, students in remote areas can apply for their types of exams.

Faculty Benefits:

Improved Time Management: Faculty members benefit from a digital education system as well. Exam scheduling and record-keeping are typically critical when it comes to timetable management. The procedure has become easier thanks to software.
Online invigilation and proctoring are simple: one of the biggest advantages of digitizing exams is that teachers can invigilate and monitor student activities from anywhere. 
Ease of Ranking and Result Compilation: Exam management software simplifies the process of ranking and compiling results. You can compile the results of a survey with a single click.

Following the completion of the examinations, the marks can be entered into the same software to generate and publish the students’ results.

GegoK12 Exam Management System Features 

  1. Support for a variety of gradebook standards

Exam grading standards differ from school to school around the world. Some of the world’s most important grading standards are supported by the examination management module. This includes grading standards such as CCE, GPA, ICSE, and Normal. Within a single institution, Gegok12 allows you to choose from multiple grading systems. Students’ grade books will be generated based on the grading system chosen when the courses were created.

  1. Interaction & Media exposure

You can choose to send notifications to students and parents along with the publication of examination dates in the school calendar when creating and scheduling examinations. The notifications will be sent to parents via SMS, and they will also be able to view the upcoming exams on their mobile app.

Gegok12 is the world’s most popular digital education system and student services platform. Students, faculty, and management can all meet in the middle thanks to sophisticated software. Exams can be written by students and checked by faculties, while administrators can easily plan and prepare results.
Because examinations are the most important aspect of an institution’s academic activities, a good examination management system is essential for the institution’s smooth operation and achievement of its objectives. Gegok12 acts as an ERP, coordinating the various aspects of running a school. Contact a GegoK12 expert for more information.