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Gegok12 improves learning through the use of innovative technology. Gegok12 excels in the field of education management software modules and offers unique modules and strong education processes that boost productivity at your school and help you manage your time effectively. The software makes your school’s operations more reliable and efficient by streamlining and easing the instructional processes.

The Most Important Modules of School Management Software. It takes into account the requirements of each institute stakeholder. It makes it simple for staff members, including teachers and students, and the entire school administration, to get what they need.

Why do Education Sectors Need This Software?

With the aid of innovative technology features of School ERP, Gegok12 is specifically created to manage the advent of software administration. It facilitates digitally tracking resources and regular activities on a single platform.

The greatest school management system software module, Gegok12, is a one-stop solution that makes the work effective and robust. The software in India enhances parent interaction and enables schools to go to the next level. 

The management of communication is effective and trouble-free. Information on staff, students, and digital data can all be managed effectively. A single-line integrated system can comfortably handle and execute a lot of roles.

There are several key ERP modules for educational institutions. We have listed the key modules you need to be aware of if you want to implement a solution for your institute.


A group of employees, teachers, or even students at a school can instantly view pertinent statistics from any device with an internet connection thanks to cloud-based ERP software.

To preserve the effectiveness and accuracy of institutions’ operations, cloud-based centralized school management ERP systems can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and from any location in the world.

Attendance Management System

The Attendance Management System should allow you to manage student’s attendance on a daily basis and provide reports at the end.

GegoK12 is a school attendance management software. It has inbuilt features for tracking the attendance of staff and students. GegoK12 school attendance management software is a flexible tool. It collects the absence record of the students and staff daily.

Library Management

A library management system should enable the management of the collection, book check-in and check-out, and reminders of due dates.

This integrated software GegoK12 is a school management software. It organizes, digitizes, and manages the library more efficiently. They simplify the tasks of administrators by providing automation. The robust platform allows to issue books and track the status of the items.

Transport Management

GegoK12 School Management Software should offer teacher and student transportation management. It should be able to update the system, students, and professors relatively instantly, and live track buses or vans.

This transport module will provide parents with transparent details like Bus number, scheduled route, driver info, etc. This mobile app allows the parent to monitor if the driver is on the right route. The GPS tracking system will send notifications to the parent if there is any change of route due to any mishappenings.

Calendar, Event, and Gallery

Events planned by the school should be managed using the gallery and event management system. Sending invitations and managing responses should be possible.

GegoK12 is inbuilt with the School Calendar and the information gets published to all the stakeholders of the school. As a result, even a simple event doesn’t get missed. Additionally, the administrators can maintain the school event schedule and publish school event photo galleries.

Record Management Software

It is very important for the administration to have information about student enrolment, lesson planning, and other activities in an academic institution. However, manually entering data into spreadsheets is stressful and raises the risk of fact-access errors at the same time.

The administrators of an institute can automate the entire procedure with the proper use of school management software. It keeps track of student statistics, file series, fee bills, and other crucial information in one location. Because of this, it can eliminate tedious file searching and provide clients with fast access to these records.

School Alumni Management System

The School Alumni management system module is the best platform that connects and communicates with old students of the school. This platform helps the students to connect with their classmates/ batch mates. The up-to-date happenings can be shared with the old students to gain engagement. GegoK12 is inbuilt with School Alumni management software to enhance the connections of the students.

Online Quiz Module

The powerful GegoK12 School Management Software is made up of many different modules. The online quiz module is one of them. The Quiz module allows educators to organize different online exams. It helps teachers experiment with different teaching methods and learning types. To engage everyone in an online class, it is a good idea to use a variety of reading materials and ever-changing test formats.

School Parent Mobile Application

Use the Parent App to foster closer, healthier relationships. The rapid updates tie the parent and the school together permanently. The Most Important Modules of School management Software. This school administration software fills in the gaps in communication and keeps parents informed of every school activity.

Teacher’s Mobile App

Faculty should be able to log in to a mobile application to see and change their information, courses, schedules, notifications, edit assignments, and grade examinations via the system.

Gegok12 Cloud school Management system must include these key modules. If you have any questions about using an ERP to manage your school’s operations, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist.

An effective exam management system

A lot of pre-examination and post-examination tasks must be completed before an exam can be conducted, including arranging the schedule, setting up the testing facility, allocating employees, setting up the assessment system, conducting the exam, announcing the results, and dispersing the results. 

The examination module in school ERP includes a full range of capabilities to improve the effectiveness of the examination process. The Most Important Modules of School ERP Software. You can choose the kind of marking you wish to use with Gegok12 ERP as well. Additionally, it might offer a relative grading system to enhance your institute’s final result.

Free Demonstration

To fully comprehend the features of the School ERP software, schools can request a free demonstration or a free trial.

Wrap up

There are various features available in an ERP solution for educational institutions. Technology is the future of school administration. We advise you to thoroughly research the technique and give it a shot.

Do you believe your institute might benefit from trying it out? You can have a thorough grasp of the functionalities by using a free demo.

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