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School Management Software for Education System. When it comes to handling day-to-day operations and children’s education, the pandemic has forced schools to undergo massive transformations. In the span of a year, schools have gone from offline to online and back again.

The adoption of technology has aided schools in managing these ongoing changes. One such technology is a school ERP. A Gegok12 school Management Software assists in achieving academic and operational excellence by connecting various departments to a centralized system and managing all significant and trivial activities that occur in daily school life.

A school management system is a well-equipped and centralized platform that allows teachers, students, and other staff members to interact smoothly and efficiently while performing school functions. It also assists you in automating academic operations and balancing your workload.

What is School Management Software, and how does it work?

By integrating new-edge technology into the educational sector, school management software creates a new platform. The digital platform can manage school management tasks and make them more intelligent. The complete features of Gegok12 school administration software not only minimize the strain on institution staff, but also streamline key functions such as fee collecting, academic schedule scheduling, and results declaration

. Gegok12 School administration may focus on more productive activities, such as raising student enrolment ratios and implementing innovative learning methods, because they are no longer burdened by workload.

Is School Management Software in the Cloud Safe?

School Management Software for Education System. With cloud-based school management software, you can simplify and automate the time-consuming school management process without sacrificing security! Automatic backups are available with cloud-based school management, and a central server eliminates the risk of data loss. 

The role-based access system efficiently controls and monitors the entire system. Take advantage of our choice of dependable solutions designed to meet the needs of a large group of students!

What are the Benefits of School ERP Modules for Teachers, Students, and Parents?

A complete school management software for school administration is a comprehensive solution for bringing Teachers, students, and parents on the same page. The following are some of the ways that free school management software can be advantageous.

Teachers Guide

School management software aids teachers by reducing the administrative burden on them, giving them more time to focus on the educational needs of their students.

Teachers can communicate successfully with individual students or the entire class using education management software. You may also post assignments, update report cards, and do a lot more with it.

Designed for Students

For a student, a school Management system simplifies the learning process. It helps students plan their studies in a systematic way and connects them with different lecturers for question-answer sessions.

Parents’ Support

Parents will benefit the most from a well-run school administration system. They can get regular updates on their child’s academic progress, progress reports, and exam results.

They can also communicate effectively with various teachers in order to stay informed about their ward’s curricular and co-curricular progress.

School Management Software’s Key Features

A School Administration should ideally have all of the following characteristics:

Attendance Management System

Keeping track of attendance, whether for staff or children, is easier with a school management system. This saves teachers time by allowing them to stay informed about which students are failing or falling behind without having to take a roll call for each student. School Management Software for Education System. Some school administration systems also enable the automated transmission of a message to parents informing them of their child’s presence on campus, which can help to ensure the safety of the youngster.

Streamline the assignment process

Assign homework to the entire class and quickly send homework reminders to parents via SMS.

Timetable Management flexibility

You can create timetables for various sections and classes based on teacher availability.

Library Management

The software also keeps track of books that have been issued and those that have been returned late.


The software is also extremely adaptable, allowing it to be adapted to fit the needs of the school.

GegoK12 School Management Demo Features

Simple to set up

The software is simple to install and use, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

User-friendly design

Gegok12 was created with a high level of intuitiveness in mind. As a result, even a novice may readily manage it.

Parental monitoring has been improved

Parents can track their children’s progress and access information such as report cards, attendance, and fee collection.

Mobile App for Parents

Parents and children can quickly remain up to speed on crucial information utilizing the software’s specialized mobile application.

Price of GegoK12 School ERP Software

We’ve built up a demo server with pre-loaded data so you can get a feel for our School ERP Solution. Sign up for a 90-day free trial to set up your OWN School and get a feel for the product.


The importance of the school management system can be summarised in two ways: first, it assists schools in efficiently managing students and teachers. The second point to consider is how it automates the entire process. As you can see, it comes with a slew of powerful features that enable you to streamline and simplify all of your school’s complex tasks in real-time.

So, if you’re seeking a complete software package, we recommend GegoK12.

To book a free demo, email hello@gegok12.com. We’ll show you how GegoK12 can help you simplify and streamline your school’s administration.