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The GegoK12 School Management System is a bit of technology that automates a school’s various activities, including teacher, student, and exam scheduling, as well as other school activities. GegoK12- A complete School ERP Software is the most important aspect of the educational system. Institute authorities around the world are engaged in a variety of activities in order to efficiently manage school activities and provide better education to students.

In this technological age, it is critical to implement smart strategies that are trackable, scalable, and centralized in order for our school to run efficiently.

Some key features of the Gegok12 school management software, as listed in the following paragraph, will help the school grow. We’ll go over the most important features of GegoK12 School Management Software in this article.

Information for Students: Attendance, homework, discipline, grades, and other data will help teachers keep track of their students and improve their performance. The administration module can also be used to retrieve the student’s primary information, such as an address, parent/guardian information, and medical history. Smart cards for school can be used for attendance as well as identity cards, allowing you to access information about specific students whenever you need it.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence
When parents allow their children to ride the school bus, they become worried. Parents can track the location of the bus using the new AI feature. With AI features like Auto Routing, Auto Optimization, and Auto Allocation, managing school buses has never been easier.
AI is also useful for analyzing students’ emotions. Most of the time, parents are concerned about their child’s behavior, and AI can recommend counseling for students if necessary.
AI will assign teachers both academic and non-academic reports in order to improve student performance.

Communication Characteristics
Teachers can easily communicate with parents about their child’s report card, parent-teacher meetings, and complete activity through the mail, voice message, chats, or SMS, which helps to strengthen the bond between teachers, students, and parents.

Assessments and Assignments Can Be Completed Online
Teachers’ Assessment Management features to cut down on their workload and time spent on manual work. Teachers can create question banks for various classes and upload files/documents in a variety of formats, including images, documents, and media. Teachers can upload, share, and track assignments, as well as send reminders to students, using the student assessment.

Management of Attendance and Timetable
aculty can update attendance in the attendance module, which will reduce paperwork and allow them to focus more on classroom activities. If a student is absent, the system will notify parents via SMS or email.
Time management features also allow you to create time slots for different classes in the timetable based on your school’s needs. You can also create and recess slots, as well as save, edit, and print them.

Certificates of Achievement
In the past, report cards only showed subject grades; however, with school management software, all activities show not only grades but also dignity rolls, records, knowledge, and principles, among other topics.

Tracking Fees and Making Payments Online
Fee tracking allows parents to keep track of their children’s school fees and receive notifications via SMS or mail. Parents can also use the mobile app to view and track their child’s school fees. This module allows you to set fee standards based on class, medium, and late fees, discounts, and scholarship details, among other things.
• Completely customizable • Fully automated fee management

Management of a Library
The library management feature allows you to keep track of issued books, as well as available books and magazines in the library. It also gives you individualized information about a specific book. The following are a few of the Library management functions:

• Library account • Issue date • Return date • Book catalogs with various genres • Number of books issued • Number of books available • Fine collection and calculation on individual books

Teachers can use homework management features to assign and monitor homework and assignments to their students. Students can access their homework/assignments via the internet, and parents can check to see if their children have completed the assignment on time.

Management of Profiles:
The database and profiles for teachers, students, parents, and other staff are maintained by Profile Management. Each user will be given their own login credentials.

Management of Transportation:
The Transport Management feature allows parents to view and track their children’s buses. It offers a customized solution that includes complete vehicle data, as well as the ability to manage stops and time slots on routes, as well as the number of trips and miles.

Use of Practical Mobile Apps
The mobile application is convenient to use and can be accessed from any location. It enables the teacher to take attendance directly from the mobile app. The school management mobile app allows administrative staff and teachers, as well as students and parents, to communicate.

• Management of timetables • Management of fees • Attendance • Messaging Platform for Notifications and Alerts • Transportation Tracking

The above information will give you an idea of School Management software and which is specifically designed to accommodate the unique management methods that schools may adopt in the current era. It’s smart to work with the traditional workflow, and the outcome result will be excellent which you will be thankful for forever.