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This guide on Staring a New School is intended towards school administrative people. For the last few decades, quality education is provided by private schools in India. The location and type of school – Kindergarten, Elementary, Medium, or High school are the two key prerequisites for starting a school in India. It is very easy to open a Preschool. First You have to plan the school’s infrastructure.

Create a core committee that will eventually be a part of the BOD. Members of the core committee should be knowledgeable in business, construction, accounting, law, and education.

Layout preparation:

Everything is planned in advance the first step towards school start. Create a business plan for your school’s first five years of operation. Plan the venue, faculty, subjects for teaching etc. A plan that outlines the School profile, NCF or other statutory and regulatory compliance, vision, mission, goals, attributes, rationale, and quality assurance. The plan should include operational plans (such as financial and marketing plans) as well as an educational plan.

Finding the appropriate territory:

The next step is to buy your school property. Identify an appropriate location and have a functional plan in place to complete the construction within a specified time frame, entrusting responsibility to an identified key resource.

You can buy the land from land owners after receiving a NOC from the Education Department

When the land is finished, the building planning starts immediately. Plan your school building and its office by appointing your contractor or architect. When you open a school, it is important to make sure the security measures for children, large play areas, colourful classrooms, proper ventilation and sanitation are in place.

 Education Ministry approach to recognition:

The next step will be to gain recognition when your school is ready and all construction work is done. Request recognition of your school from the Education Department of the State Government.

Creating a Study Plan:

The curriculum should be detailed, including information about teaching, learning, and assessment plans, as well as all policies, procedures, and guidelines for implementing all activities.

A comprehensive report on human resource management, school outsourcing contracts, and health and safety issues.

Qualified personnel recruitment:

Designate the head and business manager of your school. Start interviewing candidates and choose skilled and experienced staff for office, teaching subjects, full-time assistants, etc.


Open the school office and start admission interviews after you boost your school. Ask your appointed teachers to plan your curriculum, pupils and teaching strategies, purchase teaching assistance etc.

Advocacy policies:

Promote your school with ads, brochures, pamphlets, banners, etc. Design a website to keep interested parents in touch with your progress and establish a mailing list.

Choose the board with which you want to be associated. Do you intend to have multiple affiliations in the future?

Education boards in India are classified by national and international academic standards.

CBSE is accepted throughout India by the National Board. The number of education schools and their inscriptions has increased rapidly with the advent of International education.

You must understand the details of the affiliation process of all these education board members in order to shape your school for a better future or to determine the type of programme for your new school.

CBSE Affiliation process: upload to CBSE’s official website all scanned documents needed for affiliation.

CBSE officials will visit your school for inspection after application. It can take more than one year for an approval.

You may schedule a formal opening ceremony before or after a week from the start of the school session, which is a celebrated occasion. Have a welcome speech about your goals and about how your school is to benefit society to your students and their parents. Set the guests up for a feast.

Apart from legal approvals from Education Departments and Officials, it is important to have a good marketing face for your school also. Hiring a professional web design company for your school website design & development is the key. Also deploying a 360 Degree School ERP Software also help. Make the step and begin your business journey!