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The Student Information System’s major goal is to keep track of all student information and simplify the process of Enrollment. Lets teachers focus more on providing excellent education and improving student growth by reducing manual workload.
Many reports are generated by this system, which assists educational institutions in making better decisions for the institute’s and students’ better futures.

Let’s look at a few of the Student Information System’s functions:

  1. Managing Online Admissions with Ease
  2. Organize an online exam
  3. Manage Student Data with Ease
  4. Take Student Attendance Easily
  5. Organize School Schedules with Ease

What is the SIS Platform, and how does it work?

SIS is a cloud-based activity that automates the centralization of all student data from previously-stored older systems. It maintains all data pertaining to student grades, performance, attendance, interpersonal records, and more by granting role-based access to all users with complete data protection.
As a result, schools can use the student information management system to efficiently handle both faculty and student activities, with a high level of precision and error-free accuracy. They can even provide personal support to students during their highs and lows.

The following are ten highly efficient features of a student information system:

1. Hosted in the cloud 

Cloud-enabled All types of educational institutions are rapidly implementing SIS choices to manage and save all data in order to save money, time, and resources. Institutional leaders gain richer insights, all in the cloud, giving them complete visibility into students’ progress, academic planners, and courses, among other things.

2. A unified glimpse of all student information

This feature is included in most current Student Information Systems. They give a comprehensive student portfolio that includes information on the student’s biography, enrolment, self-registration for courses, assessments, outcomes tracking, library, publications, research, and more. For greater insights, they can sync all details such as promotions, graduations, degree tracks, communities, transcripts, and report cards.

3. Keeping track of and managing attendance

Another aspect of the SIS is the ability to securely maintain student attendance and provide associated on-demand data for various stakeholders. Parents may keep an eye on their children’s grades by receiving automated SMS and email warnings concerning student absences.

4. Administration of a Library

Students today want more resources, and advanced library management is essential for any educational institution. It’s possible with the help of an SIS. Students can use customizable search tools to find, search, locate, issue, and return books. Users can even view borrowed books, place books on hold, request books, renew membership, handle fines, and generate reports on their own using the system.

5. Features are kept up to date with real-time alerts and messages

With a few easy modifications, SIS allows you to deliver mass notifications or individual messages. Simplify the process of Enrollment with the Student Information System. Educational institutions can send vital messages and announcements to students, teachers, staff, and parents by utilizing a powerful communication system that allows them to send notifications and alerts by email, SMS, and Messaging.

6. Supervision of Transportation

This function, which is entirely focused on students, allows institutions to monitor and track every detail concerning student transportation, ensuring the safety of students on their way to and from campus.

7. Data Storage That Is Safe

Cloud storage is protected; information is actually protected against intrusions; a secure server system protects students’ data; protects against data destruction with protection against viruses, malware, power outages, and even natural disasters like floods; data is hosted on encrypted servers for maximum security.

Back up your data
The student information system is designed to perform data backups at regular intervals to prevent data loss and corruption due to unexpected power outages. For increased efficiency, facilitates preset data backups.

8. Integration of email and SMS

This built-in function makes it easier to provide important information to non-app users. Send important information to parents and stakeholders in a timely manner, such as activities, honors received, discipline records, class and bus attendance, test results, and so on. Teachers’ and other sponsors’ announcements reach parents at the appropriate times.

9. Analytics, Dashboards, and Reports

Showing of relevant data in the form of dashboards that are simple to read and understand; Teachers’ notes, performance details, fee collection, and attendance details are automatically transmitted to school administration; sophisticated on-demand reporting systems are automatically generated at the push of a button; helps authorities make key decisions.

10. Parent’s Interaction Should Be Enhanced

Students require a safe environment with a good mix of teachers and parents. They can only succeed if they have consistent support from both teachers and parents. Simplify the process of Enrollment with the Student Information System. As a result, it’s critical that parents are well-versed in what their children are learning in school. Parents should be able to speak with teachers about how they might help their children improve their grades.

Teachers can ensure that students can do their assignments at home. A student information management system connects parents and instructors, allowing them to offer a healthy learning environment for their children.

How Can the Gegok12 Student Information System Benefit Your School?

Implementing the Gegok12 Student Information System can help students achieve a variety of academic achievements.

It brings you one step closer to a future free of annoyances and full of productivity, which promotes growth across campus.

You can choose the Gegok12 Student Information System, which provides all of the resources available to educational institutions, to maximize the productivity of teachers and students.

Because we think that every user is different and has distinct wants and goals, our student information system is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs and learning methods.

Contact our team for assistance in achieving your goals and empowering your teams. If you’d like to learn more about how we’ve boosted student achievement and increased school efficiency, schedule a free demo.