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Nurture nature with the best Eco friendly Green School Programme

Day by day the natural resources are getting depleted due to excessive use. Mother earth is experiencing an unpleasant situation. Moreover, if the situation persists it will become so hard for an individual to survive. It is high time that the Go Green campaigns take the upper hand in protecting the natural resources. The best and the powerful way are to educate young minds to save nature by saving the earth. 

It is the need of the hour to deploy the Green school’s Program. The Eco-friendly school will keep the students informed about the right usage of natural resources. If not the resources may become relinquished

Green schools are the schools that are Eco-accommodating schools. Along with the cheap biological system, the schools create a beautiful environment. Green schools fundamentally lower ozone-depleting substance outflows and energy costs. It likewise improves the student’s and the teacher’s wellbeing. It also supports students to grow in a healthy atmosphere. The Eco school concentrate much on
· A big no to Plastic
· Reduce – Reuse – Recycle 
· Waste management 
· Energy conservation 
· Water consumption 
· A forestation 

What is a Green schools Programme?

The above mentioned measure makes the environment an eco-friendly place to sustain. Lets us not kill the precious life and let’s save earth for now and for the future generation too. 

  • Effective use of Green school Programme
  • Airy and breezy classrooms with windows
  • Taking classes under the tree in the natural environment. 
  • Usage of natural lighting to avoid overuse of electricity
  • Usage of a metal lunch box , snack box and water bottles
  • Protect climate by using more renewable energy
  • Reduction of fuel consumption by pooling transport.
  • Using improved recycling systems 
  • Developing agriculture rich curriculum and practices
  • Reduce food waste
  • Usage of Bio gradable and de bio gradable bins

Campaigns on Green schools Program 
· Water bottle campaign – Perhaps the most ideal approach to lessen plastic waste is, to begin with, water bottles. Many students toss out their plastic containers consistently. while rather they could bring a reusable one. Start a mission on your school grounds that urges students to begin bringing their own. To decrease the use of these inefficient dispensable containers.
· Paper campaigns – The students can make beautiful creatives. The waste paper decorations will be useful for the events and occasions in school. 
· Clothes campaigns – Making doormats, curtains, and wall decorations with the used clothes. Students can bring old and used clothes from home. The same clothes used to make creatives. 
· Street plays on water management – The school can prepare students to perform street plays. Thus proving the importance of water and natural resources.

Benefits of Green school program:

  1. Reduces  absenteeism of students and staff
  2. Increases well being 
  3. Fosters mental health 
  4. Develops higher learning ability
  5. Increases Qualitative learning 
  6. Reduce the risk of ill effects due to closed rooms 
  7. Quick adaptation to nature
  8. Power consumption

Pledge on Green school Program:
The Word Green signifies Good health. Get started with Go green theme in schools and enjoy the beautiful mother nature with all that it has bestowed us with. 
The school climate, subsequently, ought to empower, backing and sustain students developing limits. Through its Green climate, educational program, and instructed learning. This will permit them to interface with their environmental factors. Additionally, they will take care of their wellbeing and security needs as well. 
A per the researches say Green schools have high-performance learning abilities in students. Moreover, the students perform much better than the schools with high-tech facilities.
Finally, With regard to the  Green School Programme, everything begins with mindfulness.
A significant number of us are unconscious of how inefficient we genuinely are, and that it is so easy to make changes in our schedules. To remind our kindred students around the grounds.
The school could incorporate the school management software for maintaining the paperless database. Thus the Green school program can reduce the adverse effects in nature.  

To learn more about Nurture Nature, click here: https://www.greenschoolsprogramme.org/schools/gsp-audit/what-is-the-gsp-audit/