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Fees management system for schools – Cloud Based is ideally suited for managing school and pre-school fees; school expenses may be simply managed with our GegoK12 software. Book-keeping data are kept on students and children. Printing payment receipts is simple. Student payments and accounts can be recorded and saved. 
Gegok12 is a trustworthy, secure, and efficient platform. i.e. You are the owner of your info!!! Your system captures information. Data can be simply backed up. 
SMS Notification functions are built into GegoK12 – a cloud-based fee management system for Schools. SMS confirmation for promotions and fees receipts is possible. GegoK12 is a low-cost option. There are no annual license fees!!!

The module also supports a number of fee collection methods, such as online payments, cash, checks, and card swipes. Depending on the demands of the institution, the fee collecting module may be linked to the institution’s website, accessed via a mobile app, or the payment link may be given to the institution via SMS or email. GegoK12  – Cloud-based fee management system for schools. This module can generate a range of fee-related reports, including fee due, collection reports, fee type-specific due and collection, concession reports, and hold reports, among others.

Collection of Fees
The school collects fees from individual students using the Fee Collection option in the fee management system. The choice will show details of the total fees, paid amount, balance amount, concession provided, fine applied, past dues, and so on. This choice will also provide the complete details of the parent’s online and offline transactions. This option may handle any type of fee payment, including cash, card, check, bank challan, NEFT, and adjustment entries.

Report on Fee Collection
The fee collection report details the fee collection on a specific day or over a period of time. GegoK12  – Cloud-based fee management system for schools. The collected funds could be sorted by payment mode, and the list could also be sorted by different cash registers. This report’s detailed view includes information on the fees collected under various fee heads.

Fee Management System Features
Payment of fees over the internet.
Option to pay fees with a single click via a link sent via SMS/email.
Online fee payments are made to the institution’s associated bank accounts.
Fine Configuration & Flexible Concession
Settings for Lively Fee Rules
Due and Collection Reports with a Single Click
Due to students having the option of receiving text messages.

GegoK12 is an innovative cloud school management software with an integrated e-learning platform.
A cloud-based GegoK12 school administration system that streamlines and automates all of your school’s administrative functions while also offering a variety of solutions to cater to the needs of students.
Cloud ERP Software offers over 20 modules to help you streamline your school administration operations. This school administration software is made up keeping in mind the multiple insights of the educational institutions. We designed numerous interfaces for parents, teachers, and drivers to upgrade the results of routine chores in order to appeal to the sector.