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What is the aim of Discovery Education?
Discovery Education provides educators with everything they need to promote teaching and make a lasting educational effect in every learning setting, including compelling high-quality content, ready-to-use multimedia lessons, creative communication tools, and technical learning services.

What is the ownership of Discovery Education?
On February 26, 2018, Francisco Partners purchased Discovery Education for $120 million.

Plan for a new adventure:
Discovery Education Experience is a simple-to-use K-12 learning platform that integrates dynamic curated curriculum tools with on-demand teaching techniques that are tailored to your specific needs as a teacher. This Discover education series of real-world educational material infuses enthusiasm and relevance into the subjects you teach, allowing all students to reach their full potential.

Access to Discovery Education for Teachers and Students:
This product now has a Canvas and Google integration.
Users can access the site by going to https://google.discoveryeducation.com.
Alternatively, you can use Canvas.
 For all new accounts, the default password has been set to “discovery.”
Every night, classroom teachers and their students(login) are automatically scheduled to work.
If staff or students want to access Discovery Education outside of Canvas, they can use this connection. https://www.google.com/education/google.com/education/google.com/education/google.
Teachers and students can press the red Sign in with Google button when they arrive. They should be able to access the links automatically if they are signed into their Google account on Chrome before doing so.

Discovery Education Coding:
Discovery Education Coding is a program that helps students take coding from idea to reality. Step-by-step lessons lead teachers and students through a carefully graded series of lessons that teach students the fundamentals of block coding, HTML, and Python. Furthermore, the explanatory videos provided by Discovery Education Coding help to simplify complex concepts and provide visual explanations and examples of what students must accomplish in each lesson.

Let Coding come to Life:
Students will gain a solid understanding of coding principles such as algorithms, sequences, and variables, as well as practical computational thinking skills through decomposition, logical reasoning, and creative problem-solving, with Discovery Education Coding. The best part is that students and teachers alike will be able to show their ingenuity and confidence by making their apps and sharing them with their classmates and colleagues.

Personalized Learning Channels based on Interests:
Your dashboard will be filled with curated content channels and teacher tools that enable efficient lesson planning thanks to the personalization features offered by Discovery Education Experience. Develop custom channels that help your subjects and students based on your preferences and interests, all in one simple GUI framework.

On-Demand Strategies for Professional Learning & Teaching:
Discovery Education Experience provides research-based instructional techniques, step-by-step instructions, interactive classes, and access to one of the world’s most powerful professional networks for educators, all at your convenience and comfort level.
McREL International’s 6-Phase Model of Learning is compatible with research-based teaching techniques that are embedded for ease of use.

Discovery Education Science Techbook:
Discovery Education Sciences connects students to their inner curacy by putting studying the mysteries of the universe at the core of each tri-dimensional learning experience. Specific and virtual research, STEM activities, and several teachers help science enthusiasm, be it in person or remotely.

K12 Science Discovery Education:
The Discovery Education Science Techbook is made up of 16 modular units that enable schools and teachers to complete units in the order that best suits their needs: integrated or discipline-specific. Based on the research behind a structure for K-12 Science Education, two suggested pathways are offered.

Final thoughts:
With curriculum-matched content, professional development solutions, and professional networking opportunities, Discovery Education is a trusted partner for schools, assisting them in realizing their vision and achieving their goals.