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Desires and Tasks of a School Let’s keep it simple for now. For many schools, having access to a student’s detailed analysis, performance, and interests immediately after entering his admission number is a dream come true. Are you a school looking for an automated School ERP system that can handle all of your manual daily, monthly, and yearly routine activities? Would you like to keep track of automated digital data that you can access with just a swipe of your finger?

GegoK12 is an advanced cloud school ERP software that they were looking for. The school, which has about 1000 students, wanted to be able to automatically generate complete student, staff, and other mandatory school data to keep track of and display when needed.

In a nutshell, they were willing to say no to manual data entry and storage in favor of automation and digitization.

We knew there would be a lot of hard work, automation, and information feeding for every single student in the school. We created a single platform that, when a student’s ID number is entered, returns information such as his/her date of joining, attendance, term-by-term grades, club activities, library habits, emergency contacts, certificates submitted/yet to be submitted, and many other important details. The application also aided the school’s administration department, in managing school transportation, and budgeting.

The Principal and Vice Principals can check each student’s academic performance, attendance, and other specific details, such as important Board exams updates, holidays, and so on, from a dashboard-level view.

While the developers worked on the fields and farms, they also took the time to sit down with the school’s teachers and explain the application and walk them through each step of the process.
The platform is completely customizable, with fields and forms that can be added or removed. In the dashboard, you can change the colors, edit the content, and see all of the important data at a glance.

“The dashboard is the most crucial component of this solution.” I can pick and choose any data from any student from any year and analyze it in comparison to his previous year’s performance. Staff data, student data, school management data, school repository data, school admin data, and so on can all be used in this way.

While our team made things easier for us, we’re confident we can do the same for you!
The solution was built on the GegoK12 School ERP Software platform, which can be customized and built to fit any business from any location.