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Step-by-Step Guidelines for Creating School Bus Tracking Software
Complete Guide: Steps to Designing School Bus Tracking Software. As technology has permeated almost every aspect of life, the rise of digitalization, such as school bus tracking software, has set the stage for more efficient transportation.

Apps like these, on the other hand, have benefited schools that needed a more cost-effective but still efficient way to track and manage their vehicles. Mobile apps are changing the face of transportation organizations worldwide.

Planning for School Transportation That Works
Previously, school transportation route planning was time-consuming and inconvenient. However, with the advancement of technology, you can easily optimize your school bus routes. By automating, you can design routes that save both time and fuel. You can use GPS technology to determine the shortest, safest, and most efficient route for your school bus.
As a result, you can reduce road hazards that could otherwise endanger your child.

The GegoK12 app will be updated with every detail of the trip, including kids traveling by bus and those who are absent or on leave. As a result, the technique can be implemented on the school bus to record all student details.

What is the purpose of school bus tracking software and how does it work?
The use of school bus tracking software improves students’ safety and security. Parents and school officials can gain trust and peace of mind by integrating the school bus system with GPS (Global Positioning System). By implementing this system, you can automate and control all of your school bus routes from a single platform. School officials can also get a broader view of the entire system.

The Bus Tracking Management System has the following essential features:

Use custom fields to store and manage vehicle location:

All vehicle information, such as routes, stops, student allotments, fee data, fuel expense, bus maintenance information, license renewal, pollution check certification, and so on, maybe tracked using the bus tracking management system. Complete Guide: Steps to Designing School Bus Tracking Software. All of this information will be stored in one place for simple access and management. More custom fields can be added to manage any other bus management information.

Based on seat availability Seat Reservations

The seat allocation takes care of the total seats available in the selected vehicle because the vehicle seat details are also uploaded in the system. This feature prevents mistakes caused by incorrect seat assignments without taking into account available seats.

Notifications and Alerts to Parents

Parents receive timely alerts and messages regarding their child’s location and pick-up/drop-off times for that day. Parents will be notified in advance if the bus is running late or early than usual. Any bus delays caused by traffic jams will be communicated to parents via live notifications and alerts.

Development of a Mobile App

Parents will receive notifications directly within their mobile app as a result of the mobile app integration. The mobile app also allows users to track the school bus in real-time using Google Maps.

Parental Benefits: 

Arrival/departure alerts in a timely manner:

The system will also offer parents real-time updates and warnings regarding the arrival and departure of the bus. Both in school and in the neighborhood. This ensures that parents’ valuable time is not squandered by not receiving real-time arrival and departure notifications.

At each stop, keep track of how much time has passed:
Because of the level of data accessible, parents can keep track of how much time they spend at each stop and predict similar patterns so they can arrange their time accordingly.

Examine the child’s travel history:
Parents have access to their children’s travel history reports at any time. All of these elements help the parents relax.

Live bus tracking and traffic updates:
Due to the availability of live bus tracking, any traffic jams or other unforeseen events along the bus route will be immediately communicated to parents. This ensures that parents’ valuable time is not wasted.

A school bus tracking system is required for schools and colleges to protect the safety and security of children as well as provide parents and school officials with peace of mind. 
Every school now requires a school bus tracking solution, thanks to numerous government restrictions. As noted in the text, the solution has numerous advantages, and the providers make installation and configuration simple. Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about Gegok12 ERP’s connection with a school bus tracking system.