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The CBSE and AICTE chose to work with the Teacher Education Program, an Innovation Ambassador program. Track the status.

Young students are encouraged to effectively solve problems in creative ways in the classroom as part of the NEP-2020. As a result, teachers must take on the role of mentors, guiding young students toward developmental techniques.

The ‘Innovation Ambassador Program’ was created by CBSE in association with the Innovation Cell, AICTE, Ministry of Education to develop teachers’ mentoring ability. Teachers from affiliated schools will be educated in the five courses listed below.

  1. Innovation and Design Thinking
  2. Idea development and holding the ideal hand
  3. Rights to Intellectual Property
  4. Development of a Product or a Prototype
  5. Finance, Sales, and Human Resources

It can help increase the mentoring ability for nurturing student ideas, according to Abhay Jere, AICTE’s Chief Innovation Officer. He added the innovation culture in educating schools across the country will be actively promoted.

Manoj Ahuja, chairman of ATAL and professor trained in the emerging areas of AI, Blockchain, coding and cybersecurity informed about a cooperation and collaborative approach with AICTE for the ATAL academy’s training programmes.

Biswajit Saha, director of training and expertise, welcomed the cooperation among the two famous institutions and stressed that the development of future leaders in the schools requires the creation of innovation teams. In the context of the innovation ambassador program more than 40000 teachers participated in an online awareness initiative.

In the meantime, the CBSE 12th results 2021 evaluation criteria should be available at any time. On June 1, the Board cancelled Class 12 exams and formed a 12-member panel to calculate the results using an evaluation process. According to CEO Anurag Tripathi, the board of directors would have to set up the survey questionnaire in around two weeks.

For more information, please go here.: https://mic.gov.in/innovation-council/innovation_ambassador