Student Database Management System

A school is one place where Big Data gets collected almost every day and this set of data mostly includes a collection of all student-related information like class, register number, disciplinary records, timetable, examination, subjects, transport details, library, laboratories, parent detail, personal details, results, et cetera. Each student will have a huge recurring data which will impose a huge collection of data on the administrator. Handling this big data proves to be a tedious task while comprehending them on hand. With the enormous advancements in technology, the school administrator can now manage these huge overflows of data through the student database management system.

Student Information System

Information plays an important role in the development and management of every school. The huge amount of data that piles up every day is sent to different departments that manage the data independently. There are no common procedures or program for sorting through this vast data. In this way, the management faces challenges in areas of storing and managing the database, difficulty in updating and maintaining, security and backup.

A Student Database Management System is a tool which helps a school manage data, scheduling and communications. A school uses and stores a large amount of data. This must be properly communicated to faculty, students and parents.

Gego K12 is a school management software that provides the users with a Student Database Management System. This software manages to implement all the necessary operations and documentations with just a click of a fingertip.

Fees records

The Fee records module in the tool displays the students who have not paid the fees on time and the long time defaulters. In this module, parents will also be able to see the upcoming term fees to be paid and also get notified on the fee that is pending.

Disciplinary records

A student’s most important record is his/her disciplinary record which will reflect in the future. In order to maintain this, the school should be able to record every disciplinary activity and actions that occurred in the school for every particular student. Parents will also be able to view their ward’s records and be notified of any update in the disciplinary record.

Examination management system

Through the examination management system, the admin will be able to update the upcoming exams and their schedule for each class. With this, the date, class and subject of the exam will be displayed for teachers, students and parents. Any changes to the exam schedule will be updated to the faculty, students and parents via a notification system.

Report card generation

Many schools face the issue of the parents not being aware of the students’ report card. Through the school administrative tool, the admin, with the help of the teachers, will be able to update the students marks, grades, process the results, automate the grade system and generate report cards online which will be sent directly to the parents.

Homework module

Students tend to skip out on their homework by dilly dallying doing other stuffs since their parents are ignorant to their school works. With the homework module, parents will be updated the daily homework given to their child in school each day. In this way they can make sure that their ward gets the best attention to education.