School Management Software

For schools to function properly nowadays there should be a proper level of communication between the administration and the parents. With concerns about their child’s education, parents wish to have the foremost information regarding school and classroom activities. Similarly a school administration also should comply with a lot of quality standards and report to the Board of Education. As a school admin, accessing the students’ data, teachers details, parent information, attendance, timetable, examination and even the library administration will all become a necessary data while handling management processes in a school.

A school management software is an array of systemized data that are designed to manage the daily administrative operations of a school. Schools have a lot of issues in tracking attendance, managing database, collecting fees or having to take care of staff grievances. School management software helps the administrator to manage students by getting a class-wise report, parent report, and helps in timetable management, exam management, manage notice board, events, teachers, upcoming exams, record of students on leave, etc.

For example, when a school event is organized, it takes a toll on the organizers as they have to prepare for a lot of processes for the event. Using a school management software, will help you simplify the process. The event management module will help you to automatically send the notification to parents, update to teachers and students and describe the event in the calendar.

Student management system

The student management system manages students and gives reports based on their class, name, register number and/or their grades. The admin will be able to export and import the student database to Cloud storage and also add new students to the database. The student will have the option to view course details, upcoming events, exams, class timetable and submit assignments.

Teacher management system

The teacher management module lets teachers send exam results, child disciplinary report and homework to parents. Details of each teacher and their info will be updated here. The admin can add new teachers or remove retired teacher’s details from the module.

Parent management system

Parents can view their child’s academic progress, get notified of upcoming school events, fee payment, disciplinary record, child’s attendance, etc. Through the parent management system, admin can send any message regarding the student or urgent information to the parent and vice versa. The parents will also be able to send feedback to the administration regarding any issue with their child’s education.

Class management system

The admin can manage all the classes through the class management system. He/she can generate records of the classes based on the teacher handling, standard and section. It also allows the admin to allot seat to the students in the class, assign teachers, etc.

Timetable management system

Through the timetable management system, one can get an overview of all the classes’ timetable. The faculty members can also view their individual timetable and manage their schedules accordingly. This helps the admin manage and plan each individual class and teacher timetable accordingly.

Exam schedule and management

The admin can update the examination schedule for every class on the exam schedule and management system. Through this, the class, date of the exam and subject will be uploaded which will be viewed by teachers, students and parents. The admin can add new exams to the system. This in turn will be viewed by the teachers, students and parents who will be notified once the timetable is updated. The admin will be able to process the results, generate report card and have an automated grading system once he/she enters the mark input.

Gego K12 is a school management software that has been specifically designed and developed to meet all the requirements of different school systems.