School Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is the process of managing assets or stock. In educational places like schools these inventories would include chairs, tables, stationary, electronic items like projectors, scanners, printers, library stock like books, magazines, etc. in a school inventory management refers to the task of management of these resources and ensuring that they are being properly cared for, utilized in the right way and labour on them and the returns on the expenditure are high. With inventory management a school expects a good return of the investment and every stakeholder benefits from the resource.

Many people assume that tracking and keeping in check all the school inventories is the job of a store manager. But in reality it is the task of the school admin. For example, when a teacher complains that the fan in a class she recently taught is not working, it is the work of a school admin to ensure that all the resources in the school are properly aligned and functioning. Issuing materials in a school happens on a daily basis and this makes tracking them difficult. In such cases small items might be missed and not get recorded properly. When manually tracking these inventories through paper management, they get subjected to human errors like getting lost and hard to analyse. Without proper management, school equipments are prone to get stolen by students and other employees or get pushed back to the storage and forgotten.

In order to solve such problems, going for a systemized method of managing these inventories is the right option. Gego K12 is a school management program which offers a quality school inventory management software.

Classroom Inventory management

In every class inventories such as stationary, tables, chairs, electric items like fan and projectors are bound to be present. Managing these manually is a difficult task. Through Gego K12’s school inventory management system, every resource in the classroom will get listed and accounted for.

Electronic asset

Electronic assets in a school like scanner, printer, biometric system, fan, light, etc. will be recorded in the tool. These will be managed in the tool by IT management. Each of these resources will have a QR code printed out and struck on to them which will give their details like the date of purchasing, last serviced date and the next date when it should be sent to servicing.

Vendor Managament

In the Vendors management module, the tool will denote who the vendor for a product is, when the product was given to them for service, who to call for service, etc. All this will be possible by simply scanning the QR code given on the product.