School Administrative Software

A school administration faces many issues in handling the large amount of data that gather on their desk every day. Among these, one of the biggest issues they face is the huge amount of paperwork that piles up daily. For the modern school administrator, paperwork is the biggest area of frustration. Most people tend to postpone these works to the next day and when the next day brings more paperwork to the table, they are at a loss of how to handle these. These types of works can be automated with the help of an automation tool. As the school administrator, he/she will have a huge responsibility towards the school, staff, students and parents. In such cases, the administrator can use a single school administration tool to automate the processes.

A school administrator software is a tool that has a specific set of computerized instructions that are designed to automate and digitally monitor the day to day activities of any educational institution. Many school administrators face problems in managing paperwork, the big data that piles up every day, keeping track of attendance, fees, transport, admission, et cetera.

Staff management system

One of the most important functions of a school administration is to observe how the teachers and other staff are working. With the staff management module, the admin will be able to manage class scheduling, salary allotment, etc. By simply clicking on the profile of a staff, the admin will have the privilege of viewing the employee’s timetable, their designation, class and other professional details. The admin will also be able to manage the leave requests for the teachers through this module

Documents module

Getting hold of a single document within the masses is truly like searching for a needle in a haystack. With the Documents Module, the admin will be able to easily save and retrieve scanned copies of the employee’s certificates, ID cards and other professional data. This module also saves all the documents for easy retrieval later on.


A school calendar is vital for every academic year. With the school calendar, parents, teachers and students will be able to view the holidays, special school events and date of exams. The admin will also be able to schedule new events on the calendar and make changes to existing ones.

Gallery module and notice board module

The Gallery module has the complete set of pictures, videos and audio files that are comprised on special days. Students, parents and teachers can view them as their perusal. The Notice Board module gives out circulars, important dates and events, examination timetable, events and other information will be posted on the notice board module and also sent as a notification to parents.

Gego K12 is a complete school administrative software which aims to support a school management in automating and handling the big data with simplicity. Gego K12 is a tool that liberates the school management, faculty, students and parents with the gap in communication.