School Magazine & Journal Publishing

The students are encouraged to represent School Magazine and Journal publishing. One can publish short stories, articles, plays, poems, and activities that have literary and academic merit.

As a student, there’s no better way to share your voice, ideas, and creativity with your community than through the pages of your own publication. Having the freedom to publish content you’ve created and share it with your peers guarantees an unmatched feeling of accomplishment and pride.

The school children could respond well to texts that delight, intrigue, challenge and inspire them—texts written especially for them. Remember that our students live in a multicultural, diverse society and that School Magazine reflects this.

The students thus can explore their identities and appreciate insights into the world around them. School magazines provide an outlet for students to create and express in ways that they might not otherwise get to so school magazine gives students a platform.

With GegoK12 – Schoool Management Software one can easily able to upload any kind of Magazine and Journal with details incurring like Magazine name, Select Year, Upload Cover page, Upload Magazine File, and Upload category.