School Event Management software

Modernize your School Calendar 

Creating events, notifying the parents and stakeholders and maintaining the photo galley of the event is made simple in GegoK12 – School ERP

School Calendar System with Modern Approch

The modern day schools celebrate the studentschool life and focuses on making it a memorial one. Events in schools needs good planning and scheduling, so that it  create good Memories. A good School Event Management System is the need for modern schools. It is time to take a modern approch towards the School Calendar System. With GegoK12 – School Management Software, the school event creation and event information publishing is simplified. Now it is easy to maintain the school event schedule and publish school event photo galleries.

School Event Management Software

School Academic Calendar

School academic calendar is slighly different from regaular calendar. It need to align with holidays, curriculam, exams, school events, and student’s school life.

List of Holidays

Communicating the list of school holidays is a key requirement. Admin can create and maintai the list of holidays. Parents can access the list of holidays from Mobile app.

School Events

Through web admin control panel, the administrator can create an event. Event can be scoped for full school, or for a specfic Class – Section. 

Classroom Specific Events

The software allows to create classroom specific events like Online Classes, Class Tests, and any other class events. Event info auto updated to parents vial mobile app.

Exam as Events

Exam days also synced with the school calendar. It helps the parents to see the upcoming exams and plan the preparation. It also includes class tests.

Event Gallery

Cultural events, Sports events, Talent competions,  and important Parent – Teacher Association meetings Photos can be shared with Event Photo Gallery system.

Mobile App Sync

The calendar info is set to sync with Mobile App. It makes easy to follow-up and set needful reminders.

Day, Week, Month View

The calendar is designed with Day, Week and Month view for easy access and better user experience.

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