School Calendar, Events, and Event Gallery Management 


Why there is a need?

It actually helps to easily manage events or student activities for schools/institutions/colleges. With the introduction of the event gallery management features, it becomes easier to schedule, view, and program school events or co-curricular activities. There might be many lists of activities which include quizzes, science, fairs, music, drama, and sports.

The event gallery system manages all the upcoming and past events. With this feature, the school can send a message or email to parents informing them about the events, and that results in Event gallery management works in a systematic way. The entire process becomes hassle-free, which further helps the management team.

By introducing the Event gallery management it will ensure that the entire school will be aware of day-to-day activities & events. It will also improve coordination among different departments. This is the best feature that provides end-to-end event details like on which particular date which activity is scheduled. The students can easily access the gallery on their mobile devices and download it.

Features at a glance

  • Academic Calendar
  • Displays School Holidays
  • Monthly / Weekly Activities
  • Updates about Sports Day, Teacher’s Day, and Annual Day
  • Updates about Cultural Meet Day
  • Updates about all festivals related functions